Columbus Blue Jackets have traded Rick Nash to the New York Rangers for Brandon Dubinsky, Artem Anisimov, Tim Erixon and the Rags 2013 1st round Entry Draft pick.
In Anisimov Columbus gets a Top 9 forward with upside as he’s only 24. Dubinsky is a solid two way Top 9 forward with little upside. Basically, he’s a 3rd liner who can move up for short stretches. Erixon, just 21 projects as a top 4 big minute D-man. No doubt the Entry Draft pick will come late in the round.

As a hockey trade this sucks big time for the Blue Jackets. Sam Pollock the legendary Haabs GM once said, “In multi-player trades, the team that gets the best player wins the trade.” That best player is clearly Rick Nash.

As a business deal, Columbus is off the hook for the remaining $46.8m left on the Nash contract. Columbus took back $17.975m plus whatever the next year’s 1st round pick gets on his ELC.

Columbus had painted itself into a corner. First they gave Nash far too much and then failed to build around him. Besides, champion hockey teams aren’t built from the wing.

  1. czhokej says:

    Nash was too expensive anyway. His (+-) -19 was one of the worst in the league, and it counterbalances his 22 ES goals and 2 SH goals. People may argue that (+-) is a team effort, but Rick N. was almost the worst Columbus player in that category. However, I have seen him in only a few games, so my criticism should be taken lightly.
    The Jackets may find themselves in the similar predicament as the Ducks, or worse. The good players, if they have a choice, most likely won’t go there. I have never been to Columbus, but I assume that OC could be more attractive place to live.

    Do we have a chance to get Doan? Or otherwise somebody must convince Getzy to score 30 goals (which he is perfectly capable of doing, if he goes to the net, if he spends some time in the low slot, if he doesn’t try too often his “cute” passes, if he shoots more, etc.). Then, maybe, we would be able to compete.

    • bc says:

      cz, Brian Burke said of Getz, ‘He can be as good as he wants to be.” I’ll eat raw crow in front of him if he scores 30 goals and is a point per game or better next season. He hasn’t got it in him.
      A buddy coached a team to a final. They were tied after two periods. His Herb Brooks moment came when he said the only thing keeping them from the championship was the willingness to sacrifice for each other. With an “I’ll F-bomb burn and bleed for you” He reached up and crushed a hot light bulb in his bare hand. ‘Now get your F-bomb arces out there and burn and bleed for each other.” They won of course.
      Do you think Ryan Getzlaf would do that for a teammate? No way. He hasn’t got the parts. It all came too easy for him.
      As to Doan, we kicked this around with tearingitup the other day. If you were Shane Doan and had the choice of playing alongside, Sid Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Claude Giroux, Pavel Datsyuk, Anze Kopitar or Ryan Getzlaf, where would you go?
      The Nash deal should make NHL GM’s shutter. Imagine Bob Murray trading Getzlaf or Ryan for two 3rd line players, a D prospect and a 1st round Entry Draft pick?
      The real value for Columbus is the chance to redeploy about $30m in salary cap assets. For NYR, they took one step toward having a shot at the Cup. Nash and Tortarella will be an interesting relationship. Nash did play for Ken Hitchcock but Hitch is no Tort.

  2. czhokej says:

    Getzlaf’s production was relatively stable during 2007 – 2011 ( 25 goals, 24, 25, 19, and 19 goals). He played less games in 2010 and 2011, but he started declining after his injuries – some people speculate that’s because of fear (he seems to have a phobia to spend time in front of the net). And you know well enough about my other hypothesis.
    You are right about Doan’s choices and most likely outcome.
    The Rangers buy expensive players, but it did not work well for them lately. It’s not enough to have some stars, if you do not have a solid support group (starting with the netminder and Ds).
    Do you think that Nash is going to make a big difference?

    • bc says:

      Yes, if getting past the second playoff round is a big difference. The Rags have an impressive Top Six Richards, Gaborik, Nash, Callahan and the two kids Stepan and Kreider. They also have some depth in Hagelin who should be a second line player.
      Kreider LW-C has power forward stamped all over him and he’s also. As you know power forwards take a little longer to develop. Once they breakthrough though, lookout.
      Nash and Callahan can play either wing.
      Depth forwards include Pyatt, Rupp, Halpern, Boyle and Asham
      The D and goaltending are solid. On paper these Rags look like a Cup contender.

  3. bbdux93 says:

    I agree with those who speculate that Getz is afraid to play in front of the net after the injury to his face. However, I also remember that during the Olympics Babcock is reported to have told Getz & Perry he’d expected more of them.

    Something is wrong with Getz but since his contract will expire at the end of this season, I think he’ll have a rebound year. Frankly I can’t imagine the life of someone who has played this game since they were a kid. At some point it is likely they need more than love of the game to be motivated – as in – Show Me The Money?

    • bc says:

      bb, Getzlaf has long told people that he hates hockey and plays only for the money. He’s said that he’d prefer to do anything else. This is admittedly second hand to me.
      I just wish he’d harness and direct that hatred into making the opposition pay a higher price.

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