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“The Flyers signed Weber to the offer sheet – which includes $68 million in bonus money in the first six years – last week. In total, Weber will make $14 million in each of the first four years; $12 million in years five and six; $6 million in each of the next four seasons; $3 million in year 11; and $1 million in each of the remaining years.” TSN.CA

First and foremost, Poile you pulled it off…I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall with the 10 owners/investors discussing Weber’s $68 million in bonus money for the first six years…Only time will tell if this the right move for Nashville. I anticipate a 30% increase across the board for Pred fans (concession, parking, tickets, merchandise, etc…).   On a side note, interests rates are extremely low perhaps ownership locked in on a heck of a deal.

The Flyer’s get shafted again…I am glad that Perry and Bobby are not available via the offer sheet this season…Look for a hard push for Doan (perhaps anyone) as Holmgrem his hungry for a victory. 

  1. bc says:

    Poile to Holmgren, “Pound sand.” This story is a hoot. Do U think matching is a negotiating tactic? Is there a trade coming?

    • yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

      That was my feeling first. However, Weber is due $22+ million in year one. I don’t think they would invest that much money in a player they are just going to trade, would they? I would have loved to have seen the business plan that balanced revenue to expenses…what an insane summer!

  2. ffe155 says:

    It’s my understanding that if Nashville matched the offer sheet they can’t trade Weber for a year. I think Nashville had to match or risk losing their fan base. IMO the Renne contract and subsequent trading of Lindbeck will come back to haunt the Preds more than Weber’s contract.

    • yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

      You are correct…I don’t think they would be willing to trade Weber after paying him $13 million now and another $13 million July 1st…the contract is front loaded…hope Weber enjoys being a Pred!

      Info on Nashville, according to Nov 2011 Forbes, the Preds are worth $163 million and have a an annual revenue of $82 million. They have an operating loss of $7.5 million…After year one how are they going to keep Weber?

      A agree the 7 year $49 million deal for Renne is too long…Lindbeck was like our Bryzgalov…it came back to haunt us as well.

  3. yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

    Poile is the man:

    The Predators said the decision to match the offer came down to three factors.

    1) Was Weber the individual that this franchise wanted to lead our team, a team that would compete for the Stanley Cup every year, for the next 14 years?

    2) Would matching the offer sheet be in the best long-term interest of the team and organization?

    3) Would a decision not to match the offer sheet send a negative message to current Predators players and other NHL organizations, a message that the Predators would only go so far to protect its best players and be pushed around by teams with “deep pockets?”

    “The answer to each of the above questions is clearly “yes,” the team said.

    IMO point 3 is the most important…

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