Ducks A-Z: Peter Holland

Posted: 07/26/2012 by bc in Uncategorized
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Not much in Eric Stephens’ narrative is new to followers of this blog. Ice does a great job drawing out Holland in this interview. Holland will get a chance to show that he’s capable of stepping into the #2 center slot alongside Bobby Ryan. Could make for an interesting twosome as Ryan is our Ducks most recent Calder Trophy finalist. Currently, Peter Holland could be the best guy available to help Ryan over the 40 goal challenge and approach point a game stats. last season was the first time in Ryan’s brief career that didn’t talk about him making the guys around him better. Fact was, he didn’t. If we can build another near point-a-game line around Ryan, it will go along way toward lifting our Ducks into the playoffs. IF Holland isn’t ready to go alongside Ryan out of camp, he’ll start the season in Norfolk.

  1. czhokej says:

    Somehow from all what I know about Holland, I feel he is not ready yet. The only youngster (forward) who did not disappoint me was DSP.

  2. bc says:

    Yeah, that’s the conventional view cz. You and they could be right. Holland was the 15th overall pick in his draft class.Ryan Getzlaf who was drafted 19th overall played only 17 games in the AHL before sticking with the big club. Part of that was due to the lockout of 2004-05.
    Peter Holland will stay in Norfolk until he’s ready for a top six role and minutes. That could be straight out of camp or at sometime during the upcoming season or next.
    Hockey’s Future has a great line on him, “He has all the tools but no toolbox.” HF also noted that Holland has evened out his effort and consistency.
    DSP could well find himself on the top line but for chemistry and breaking in a young guy I like the idea of Holland between Ryan and Smith-Pelly, with one of Beauchemin, Sbisa, Allen or Lydman also out there. DSP keeps it simple. Ryan will find out what he’s got and how to use it. A solid D-man to back him up when he has the inevitable brain-freeze.

  3. czhokej says:

    I would like to see Holland with Ryan and DSP. Ryan and Holland should learn toughness from DSP, and his approach to the game, and use more forcefull and passionate vehemence. Even though I have expressed my doubts about Holland, it would be wonderful if he really performs at NHL level.
    That would also mean that we could (almost) put together three scoring lines.

    • bc says:

      You might like Holland cz. For one he likes to shoot as his stats 23 goals, 30 assists in 73 AHL games suggest. Pretty much the same at Quelph where he registered 37 goals, 51 assists in 67 GP in his final year of junior.
      He appears to be a complete player willing to use his entire skill set. The knocks on him are that he doesn’t bring it every night and he has the tools just lacks the tool box. The latter is a gem from Hockey’s Future. But that’s a kid eh. Does all the right things at all the wrong times, lol.
      Just ask any girl about every young man if you doubt this fact of life 🙂

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