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According to TSN.CA If things don’t work out with the Yotes he will consider the following:

“A source told Globe and Mail hockey columnist David Shoalts on Friday that the unrestricted free agent forward is looking for a four-year, $30 million contract if he leave the Phoenix Coyotes – the only franchise he’s ever played for”.

I don’t think that 7.5m is unreasonable in this crazy market.

This is very doable if our Ducks are willing to spend a little and if Doan is willing to travel west. The guy is a worker! Murray I hope you are making a push…we need to land Doan…

  1. bc says:

    Jeez yougetwhatyouputin now I’ve got sticker shock! Thirty million here 100 million there, pretty soon you’re talking a lot of money. $7.5m for a guy who hasn’t scored thirty goals in 4 years and struggled to break twenty in each of the last two, Whoa.
    Side issue but worth the comment. How do the owners cry poverty at the CBA table when they’re tossing around this kind of money?
    On the hockey side, is Doan still a 30 goal scorer on a more offensive oriented team? Will he still score 20 at age 38 and 39 in the latter years of the contract?
    Having said all that, Doan is extremely durable. His worst season injury wise in the last decade was 2010-11 in which he played 72 games.
    We have the cap room though. Still Getz & Pears are UFA next season. Assuming Teemu Selanne retires after 20 seasons, there is his salary to pass around.
    Still, do you want to make Shane Doan your highest paid player? Nothing shakes up a room faster than a change in the pecking order. Can Getzlaf handle not being the Big Dog? Does he fold or does he go out there and crash and burn the opposition like we know he can? IF you do the deal do you challenge Getzlaf further by asking Corey Perry, Saku Koivu or Teemu Selanne to take the C?
    I’ve been staring at these Q’s wondering if anybody thinks them rhetorical. But you know, 3 years, and I’d be very tempted to do it. The Etems and DSPs would be coming off their EL contracts and we’ll want the Doan money available.
    And yeah, move the C and challenge Getz to step up or demote him down the depth chart. He played like a 2nd line center last season. He’d be very good in that role. And he likely wouldn’t even break a sweat. It’s a win/win.

    • yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

      Let’s break down these crazy deals that have occurred and see what Doan is asking is not that unreasonable based on the insanity that has take place:

      Weber Deal: Age 27, Contract 14 years, average salary approximately $7.8, Age at end of contract 41.

      Suter Deal: Age 27, Contract 13 years, average salary approximately $7.6, Age at the end of the contract 40.

      Parise Deals: Age 28, Contract 13 years, average salary approximately $7.6, Age at the end of the contract 41.

      What Doan wants: Age 36, Contract 4 years, average salary $7.5, Age at the end of the contract 40

      With that said, I agree that these contracts are unrealistic and overpaid. However, this is the market… I like short deals…Doan price is a little high but within acceptable range.

      I believe his work ethic, intensity, maturity (level headed) would be good for our team…perhaps a little discomfort is what we need as this group is apparently too comfortable.

      • bc says:

        Kind of hard to believe the owners are losing real cash money, no? Doan would lift our Ducks up a level. No doubt in my mind about that. Even if Gabby put Doan on RW alongside Bobby Ryan and either Peter Holland or Nick Bonino. DSP with Pears & Getz. The Finn Twins with Palmieri or Etem? You can send that top nine out against anybody.

  2. czhokej says:

    Somebody is going to pay that money to Doan. I guess, that’s the market value these days. It is a little bit crazy, I agree. That much money could buy a big whip to get Getzlaf to play (and to listen to coaches), because otherwise it’s a pain to watch him on the ice most of the time. But Doan is 36, and that’s my concern as well. I would love to have him, but bc’s questions are right to the point.
    If Murray and the coaching staff don’t do anything major and radical with Getzlaf, I will be disappointed. Maybe even Bobby (and Corey) would need some lashing from time to time. They are our three star players….
    Big question is – are the youngsters good enough to start producing, to play bigger roles and carry more minutes? Is there enough talent and determination? As we have said before, I wouldn’t mind trading Getz.

  3. tearingitup says:

    Agree with what you both have been saying. Even if Doan considered his move to the Ducks, would he be put off by it’s leadership of the past few season? I always thought that kind of money would get you a young superstar. I guess I do not see us being a strong enough of an organization to tempt Doan. I am sure he wants a cup or at least a play off ready team..With the kind of money this owner has, I am at a lose for words explaining our budget minded negotiations.

    • yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

      I agree…he most likely would not even consider us, unless he wants to be in close proximity to his families existing lifestyle (schools, etc…).

  4. bbdux93 says:

    Off topic. I go to the OCR Ducks site several times a week during the off season and every day during the regular season. What is happening to them. Every time I read a headline that looks like it came straight from “the National Inquirer” it was written by Jeff Miller.

    The guy needs to find a job were his talent for non-sense (I can’t write what I want to say) will reach what seems to be his intended target = those with limited ability to think rationally.

  5. bilverado says:

    bbdux — exactly! Jeff Miller is awful. His “work” in covering the Ducks at ICR ranges from the obvious to the oblivious. At least we have Eric Stephens.

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