Yeah, but are they really that stupid?

Posted: 08/13/2012 by bc in Uncategorized

In the immortal words of Sarah Palin, “You betcha.” Here’s the skinny:


Upon wishing everyone a great summer, tearingitup asked that we continue to post on player’s summer conditioning programs. It was at that precise moment that it pasted me up against the glass that we aren’t hearing much. Other than a blurb that Teemu began his summer program in June, there’s just not been much out there, even from Twitter.

Does the lack of noise indicate a lockout? Why kill yourself getting ready to stand outside the team barn? How hard can that be?

The NHL showed great marketing savvy in becoming a big deal on New Year’s Day. Would they really risk all that goodwill and offer up the same opportunity to a competitor?

They must be on stupid pills.

  1. They really must be on stupid pills. The Winter Classic is what has built the NHL’s brand the most the last 5 years and set up whole series of soccer on football fields, such as the World Football Challenge in soccer, and has brought hordes of new hockey fans to the NHL. Stopping it now is utterly stupid.

    • bc says:

      Welcome to the NHL.

      • Exactly. As a somewhat new NHL fan (didn’t start following it until about 3 years ago seriously), this is seriously bizarre. I wonder what goes on in Bettman’s head.

      • bc says:

        Hey news, according Shoalts at the Globe & Mail, Bettman has done a masterful job of holding the line on salaries. One clue to recognizing a priority is to look at what they accomplished.
        In ’09 the average NHL payroll was the same as it was before the lockout.
        Now according to NHL proposal the priority is to lower average team player payroll even further.
        Red Fisher, HOF hockey journalist with the Montreal Gazette once said, “Hockey must be heckuva game to have survived the a-holes running it.”
        Cancel the outdoor games on New Year’s Day? We’ll soon learn what price the NHL is prepared to pay to maintain low average team salaries.

  2. tearingitup says:

    BC….I do not what the average salary of the league has risen to, however it seems that the “B” players of old are now making big salaries. I guess Penner jumps out at me. What a load of cash he received just to show up at game days in Edmonton.

  3. tearingitup says:

    that is ‘ do not know what the average salary’ sorry slow hands

    • bc says:

      Welcome to the (((DOH))) club. I miss words sometimes.
      Under the current CBA the cap and floor have risen in line with revenues. Assuming a $70.2million cap with a floor of $54.3 the mean is $62.25million. That’s what a 12% year over year increase.
      With the value of the CDN at roughly par with the USD, More teams than ever are profitable now. Some are also no doubt structured to produce a pass through paper loss for the owners.
      The critical, and why I think Shoalts is spot on, the NHL has to keep the floor lower, and hence average team payroll, to support the cash challenged teams.
      Right now the owners are asking the players to pay for it. I think there are other ways to achieve the same result.
      Everybody looks green-eyed at the top line on player salaries. But once you pay taxes in two countries, agents, financial consultants and gifting, those mid and bottom line numbers aren’t nearly as impressive.

  4. tearingitup says:

    Believe me I am not missing your point…it is just that so many teams are right at the threshold of success and failure. I think the NHL is not in the upper tier of sports in the US, maybe it is wise to keep that floor low. Thanx for that breakdown though bc

    • bc says:

      You’re right tearingitup. Parity is a good thing, no? As for hockey’s place in the grand scheme, our game while growing trails horse racing, NASCAR, UFC etc. Based on live gate and tv ratings we’re not even a top 4 sport though we pretend to be.

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