NHL sets Lubo’s hearing date for 9/4

Posted: 08/20/2012 by bc in Uncategorized
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Our Ducks allege that Lubo voided his No Trade Cause when he approved the trade from Edmonton to Anaheim. Sounds like a bit of stretch but I don’t have the contract language.

It is common practice that players are paid s premium to waive a NTC and/or NMC. The issue is two-fold, the legal issue raised by our Ducks and if defeated the monetary value of Lubo’s NTC.

What is really going on here is that the parties, our Ducks and Lubo, are being good soldiers for the NHL and the NHLPA, respectively. I’ve heard of NTC’s being waived for as little as $5k-$10k. The money is a non-issue.

Frankly, we’re a better team with Lubomir Visnovsky.

  1. czhokej says:

    Last season, it was clear that Lubo played with the painful shoulder and elbow (an old injury on a Douglas Murray (late?) hit in April 2011, which sent Lubo crashing to the boards). And on the top of it, he missed 4 weeks with the broken finger. (Then in August 2012 Visnovsky crashed his Ferrari in Slovakia during a car racing event, but was not injured).
    The best scoring D with 68 points in 2010- 2011, he went to down to 27 points in 2011- 2012l season. (For a comparison, Getzlaf had only 57 points last season!!!)
    Since we did not get any new scoring forwards, I would like to see Lubo with the Ducks. Murray traded him for the second round pick 2013 ????????

    • bc says:

      Very difficult to defend the Lubo trade cz. Even if you look at it as making room for Sheldon Souray, I’m reduced to advocating the intangibles such as the Souray snarl and he can kick Getzlaf’s butt all over the Honda Center without breaking a sweat.
      Among the sub-plots in the 2012-13 season will be who Souray, Staubitz, Winnick and Allen lean on at practice, if Coach determines a wake-up call is necessary.
      My biggest problem with the Lubo trade is that it puts much on Cam Fowler. I would have preferred to wait a year. OTOH, the added grit may create time and space for Cam to kick the transition up to light speed.
      I can see this team coming together to exceed the accomplishments of our Ducks over the past two seasons. They could also fail to make the playoffs again.

      Fowler side note: There really isn’t much substance to concern over Cam’s high minus in his first two seasons. HockeyBuzz Steve Palumbo offers the most recent stat analysis.
      Those numbers will drop dramatically as Fowler improves his one on one defending. Cam hasn’t quite figured out when he needs to play the man and when he can effect a takeaway like a pickpocket on a NY subway car.

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