“He (NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman) is the NHL’s most hated person,” Teemu Selanne

Posted: 09/19/2012 by bc in Uncategorized

Move over Justin Schultz. Teemu is only stating the obvious. This hate is so intense that the NHL was actually considering removing Bettman from its most prestigious ceremonial moment, the annual presentation of the Stanley Cup. Has any professional sports league had to execute a major a major public relations effort asking its fans not to boo the Commissioner?

In hockey news that matters:

Francois Allaire has resigned as goalie coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Just five years ago Allaire was hailed as a genius. Today, Leafs GM Brian Burke accused Allaire of not adapting to recent rule changes in the new-NHL.

  1. czhokej says:

    You know that I did not really admire Brian Burke, because he left a mess behind, he made us weak and vulnerable at the end. However, I was grateful that he assembled a great team in 06-07.
    Or was he just lucky?
    Now he has many problems in Toronto (as some of us predicted), and he has to find some scapegoats.

    • bc says:

      CHOMP, CHOMP. Some say luck is what happens when hard work meets opportunity. Brian Burke took on a team that had come within one game of winning the Stanley Cup just two years previously. Still nobody in their right mind would ever question Brian Burke’s work ethic.
      He and we were lucky Teemu Selanne had a near 50 goal season in him. Most thought Flash was done after the lost season in Colorado.
      I wouldn’t say we were lucky to get Scott Niedermayer. Nieds did want to play with his brother and Rob had been brought here by former GM Bryan Murray. A perfect example of hard work and opportunity colliding to produce luck.
      The final piece that put us over the top was the acquisition of Chris Pronger. Burke had a long established relationship with Prongs. Again, hard work colliding with opportunity.

      I don’t believe the decision to talk Scott Niedermayer out of retirement was Burke’s. To blame Burkey for the unraveling of the Big Bad Ducks that resulted from that decision is bad aim. Henry Samueli made that decision and the results and responsibility for it rest with the owner.

  2. bbdux93 says:

    From what I’ve read the problem with keeping Scotty and letting Chris go was a matter of leadership style. It is said that Chris had a big voice in “the room” and Scotty was more inclined to lead by example. With young players like Getz and others, the example seems to have been unappreciated.

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