Thought it might be fun to chat about hockey instead of the business of hockey. We’ll take one position at a time. Offer up some nominees and maybe come up with a first and second All Star 5-man units. As I’m a believer in building a hockey team from the blue line out, that’s where we’ll start.
Obviously Scott Niedermayer and Chris Pronger anchor our Ducks first team All Time All Stars. If you could only choose one to build on who would you take?

As for our Ducks second team All Time All Stars, the initial nominees are:

Keith Carney: Among my personal faves, along with Steve “Spud” Thomas, nobody got more from his talent and skill set than Keith Carney.

Lubomir Visnovsky: His time with us was short but he gave us a great year and struggled through injuries thereafter. Lubo holds the Ducks single season records for Most Points and Most Goals by a D-man.

Oleg Tverdovsky: Ducks chose Double O 2nd overall in 1994 Entry Draft. He gave us one good and two great seasons scoring 14 and 15 goals and over 50 total points in 1998-99 and in 1999-2000.

Dimitri Mironov: “Tree” came to our Ducks after not quite clicking in Pittsburgh. From 1996-98 he was our Ducks #1 D-man. Along with Teemu Selanne and Paul  Kariya, Mironov formed one the NHL’s most feared PP units.

You’re welcome to nominate your own.

  1. czhokej says:

    I would also go with Keith Carney. To decide about the last position, I think that healthy Lubo was the best. I apologize for my lengthy absence, my computer is broken.

    • bc says:

      Yeah, Keith Carney brought a below average skill set to the game but worked his way to above average performance through passion and character. There’s an argument for Dimitri Mironov but it won’t come from me.
      In today’s game, Lubo might well be the prototype of a #3 Dman.

      BTW, there’s a popular new theory about how computers work cz. These machines are always the opposite sex of the operator. Computers behave like women because unless we communicate with them exactly they way they want, they freeze up, go completely blank and won’t have a thing to do with us.
      To women they behave like men because computers know everything there is to know about everything but can’t do anything unless they’re told.
      Finally, computers are gay because they function best when communicating with their own kind.
      Hope that helps 😉

  2. tearingitup says:

    Seems like we are all absent. Not that much to discuss, but hope that will change soon. At least I can can get excited about the Lakers. Talk to you all soon

    • bc says:

      Spot on tearingitup. I knew that post is way below the standard of this blog. Obviously my heart isn’t in it these days.

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