David Shoalts of Canada’s newspaper of record, The Globe and Mail is reporting AHL affiliates for the New Jersey Devils and Columbus Blue Jackets have told their NHL players to arrange for permanent housing.
Worthwhile to note that the Devils and Blue Jackets are among the NHL’s financially challenged members. If this were Ed Snider owner of the Flyers or Terry Pegula owner of the Sabres it might just so much smoke. In this instant planning for a long strike is coming from among the NHL’s financially challenged members, the Devils and Blue Jackets respectively.

Fact is, nobody knows when the lockout will end.

At the outset of the lockout this blog considered if the NHL/NHLPA is really so stupid as to risk its premiere in-season marketing event, the outdoor games on New Year’s Day. The answer would appear to be yes, they really are that stupid.

  1. yougetoutwhatyouputin says:


    On a positive note, hockey is alive in So-Cal: ECHL Hockey is underway in Ontario…Paul Mara has signed with the Reign.

    • bc says:

      Guess we should never underestimate stupid.

      Paul Mara is one of those special guys who made it on more heart than talent. For 12 consecutive years he survived as a 3rd unit-7th Dman. He’s the guy you had to beat out to earn your ticket onto an NHL roster.
      Paul Mara established the first bar that defines an NHL player.

    • bc says:

      Thanks bilverado. According to the report the NHL has made a proposal that, if accepted, will give us fans a full 82 game schedule commencing Nov. 2.
      It will be brutal on the players. More brutal than the condensed schedule in 2010-11 season to accommodate the Olympics.
      The takeaway is the NHL has reached the critical point where it is now more profitable to play than to engage in the present silliness!

  2. bc says:

    Upon further review the 50/50 split is merely a re-calibrated version of the NHL’s initial “make the players pay” offer. The PA won’t move off their dime of willing to take a lower percentage but not less dollars. Why should the PA give back real dollars when even the NHL is forecasting 5% annual growth in hockey related revenue?
    Sadly, the NHL is still engaged in gamesmanship. They need to get real.

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