Drop the puck!!!!

Posted: 01/06/2013 by bc in Uncategorized

The dumbest work stoppage in the history of management/labor negotiations is about over. At 5:00am this morning, Bettman & Fehr announced that they have agreed upon the framework of a new CBA.

Thank you NLRB mediator Scott Beckinbaugh for engaging the complete idiots through 16 consecutive hours of marathon jaw-jacking.

You can be certain fine points remain to be determined. The principal players, Bettman & Fehr described it as dotting i’s and crossing t’s. Unless of course somebody attempts to slip in deal breaking words and phrases.

For all intents and purposes we’ll kinda sorta get a hockey season this year. Expect somewhere north of 48 games.

Get excited Ducks fans, as those games will be played in the second half where our guys trend well. At least up to the trade deadline.

For those interested in winners and losers, there are no winners in this dispute. Everybody and everything lost. From the reputation of our game to the NHL and NHLPA to us fans and arguably most importantly the corporate sponsors.

  1. czhokej says:

    Isn’t it exciting. We will see Teemu and others soon. I almost forgot whom we have on the team.

  2. bbdux93 says:

    It’s been so long since I’d almost given up hope for any NHL this season.

    I’m a – somewhat – happy fan again. My friends and I split the season tickets for 2 seats and I’ll bet figuring who goes to which games will make for an interesting few days once the schedule is published.

  3. bbdux93 says:

    What to do with Getz & Perry. Sign Perry and see if we can get anything of value for Getz @ the trading deadline.

    • bc says:

      Getz is an odd Duck, pun intended. With Holland coming up fast, Coach could soon have a No. 1 – 1A option at center. Not this shortened season but possibly as soon as next year.

      In other words, Getzalf hasn’t earned anything more than a cost of living raise. Just too many holes in his game (faceoffs, giveaways, bad penalties, one-dimensional, lack of skating/effort) to think he’ll ever realize his Hart Trophy potential.

      BTW bb, I do serve as a court appointed mediator should you gals need help negotiating your game plans. You might need a hostage negotiator though 😉

  4. czhokej says:

    I agree with bb, Bruce will have to figure out who can anchor the top line, and this half season will tell us.
    I really missed you guys and girls!!!!
    I also need a refreshing course about the Ducks lineup.

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