Ducks face key questions as camp nears

Posted: 01/06/2013 by bc in Uncategorized
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Jeez, it feels great to be blogging about hockey questions again. So let’s just step out and do it.

Corey Perry, Ryan Getzlaf, Teemu Selanne and Saku Koivu are UFA’s at the end of this shortened season. The Twins and The Finn Twins if you will. The parties were prohibited from negotiating during the lockout. There could well be a gentleman’s agreement in place, but Bob Murray thought he had just such an agreement with Justin Schultz. The challenge for Bob Murray is, if either of The Twins remained unsigned at the trade deadline does he move one or both or risk losing one or both for nothing?

The Twins are still close but no longer joined at the hip. Both have settled into long-term relationships. Getz is married and a Dad. Pears is seriously committed. While they won’t be negotiating as a pair you can bet they’ll discuss their own respective future with each other.

Were it just left among our Ducks, Perry, Getzlaf and their respective agents and other advisers this would not be much of a concern.Count twenty-nine other teams, led by Brian Burke to have offers ready should either or both Perry and Getzlaf be UFA in less than six months.


The rumor mill will be churning, especially if the Ducks feel like they won’t be able to re-sign Perry and/or Getzlaf.

No doubt the Gossip Girls will be gabby bandwidth burners.

As for Teemu, I expect this to be his last but you never know. Certainly there’s a finality to having competed in 20 NHL seasons. A shortened, injury free and successful season may convince Flash to come back as well.

There are scenarios that could keep Saku Koivu a Duck beyond this year. Much depends on what Teemu does, if Getz and Pears stay or go and whether or not Nick Bonino and Peter Holland move past him on the depth chart.

Toni Lydman is also UFA but a decision on him will wait until we get a look at Hampus Lindholm as an injury call-up.

One certainty is our Ducks $15M in cap space will make roster moves easily facilitated.

  1. czhokej says:

    I certainly hope that Toni will have a good season. He should be healthy, and if he performs well, our D should be solid. Especially if Cam Fowler with his great skating and puck-handling, improves his game-reading and decision making. I do not know too much what to expect from Allen, Guenin and Souray, but I like the size, which we really need. Souray is getting older and his shot was not working that well last year.

    • bc says:

      Lydman is key. After he went down, far too much was put on Beauchemin. Frankie soldiered through it but still, you don’t want that much on one guy.
      Coach was able to get the most out of Luca Sbisa by spotting him last season. Now we need Luca to take it up a notch and be effective against the opposition’s better players.
      In Allen we get a solid, physical match-up defender. He will take a chunk of the load off Beauch and allow Coach to again spot Sbisa a bit. Look for Allen to take the top line match-up assignments while Luca graduates to top six match-ups.
      Souray brings snarl to the 3rd ES unit and a great shot on the 2nd unit PP.
      What I don’t like about our D and can’t fathom how a professional GM does this is that once again our top six D-men are southpaws. It’s just so wrong on so many levels I don’t know where to start.
      Another key to the D is the addition of Daniel Winnick. He will produce double digits in scoring but more importantly the PK unit just got some much needed help.
      Overall, I think our GA will be lower this season. We are better on paper with the additions of Allen, Souray and a healthy Toni Lydman. Fowler and Sbisa should take another step forward. We should get more from Francois Beauchemin by asking less of him.
      Murray sure as heck didn’t do them any favors putting 6 lefties out there though.

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