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Posted: 01/16/2013 by bc in Uncategorized
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In early May of 2012, I received information from a credible source that Paige Getzlaf had made some statements to friends regarding the state of the Getzlaf’s finances. I followed the journalistic standard of confirming it with secondary first hand sources.

I stand by the story and the veracity of my sources. Since publishing it on May 8, 2012 it has become the single most viewed blog post on this site. I check the viewership each and every day and each and every day, that post is among the top viewed posts on this site.

It was never my intention to use this site for providing cheap thrills to gossip seekers. I ran with the story because I thought it reflected on Ryan Getzlaf’s common sense and discipline. He is after all, and as everyone in Finland can attest, Captain of our Ducks.

Viewership is certainly up since the story appeared. The story is not something  I wish to use to gain viewership and/or notoriety. Consequently the story has been removed from the archive.

  1. czhokej says:

    Along the same line I thought that Getzlaf’s behavior in Finland was very important for our bloggers, because it reflected his character, way of thinking, sense of responsibility, etc. Maybe I am too judgmental now, because I used to be also very irresponsible. However, I was never paid $5,000,000 and I did not represent my country.

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