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Posted: 01/17/2013 by bc in Uncategorized
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You have to look far and wide on the blogosphere to find two guys who disagree more often than czhokej and me. To show that this is more conversation than debate though when we find evidence that supports the other’s view we share it.

Well I stumbled upon one today. Last season this blog addressed our Ducks woeful lack of success in the face-off circle. I postulated Face Off Winning Percentages were a team stat. CZ took the other side, advocating face off prowess is an individual stat. Well Bud read and grin because the most successful Ducks coach of all-time agrees with you:

via THN quote of the Day;

“The one thing that’s impressed us with Kadri was in the faceoff circle, a little area where one-on-one compete has to be high. He beat some of our veteran guys in our area to start with the puck. He has the skill set, he showed it before, he showed it in the American League. And we have to make a decision whether he can continue to make a contribution at the NHL level.”

– Toronto Maple Leafs coach Randy Carlyle on Nazem Kadri.

I seem to recall how emotional you were when Carlyle was canned and how you were always ready to comment on RC’s system. And well, when we find you and RC on the same page it’s blog worthy 😉

  1. czhokej says:

    Hey bc, I sometimes do not remember what I said and how I said it. But we do not disagree too often. And usually only on minor points. FO% is of course very important, particularly for special teams. Face-off circle performance was a weak point for the Ducks last year, with only 47.4% FO success (which places them at 28th in the league). And from our present team, only Koivu was above 50% (52.4%).
    During the past season, Kadri took only 15 FOs and lost 11 of them. He must have improved a lot.

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