Postgame: Canucks 5 Ducks Zip

Posted: 01/25/2013 by bc in Uncategorized
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Cory Schneider through a shutout. Dan Sedin had the winning goal and an assist. Henrik Sedin registered two assists.

Ducks were absolutely dominant even strength. Schneider stood off the onslaught.

About the middle of the first Canucks got under the skin of our guys. We started grumbling and parade to the sin bin began. Ducks were called for 9 minor penalties, Canucks just 3. I saw at least four minors that Canucks committed but weren’t called.

Not sure why it is but our Ducks start complaining and wham, we’re on a parade to the sin bin. I don’t know what is said or why the so-called professional refs react that way. Fact is, it’s on our guys. We bring it on ourselves. You have to be on the ice to hear it exactly. Obviously though, we push too far.

Brian Hayward, as he so often does, said it best, “When you fall behind 2-0, you don’t start punching people in the head and yelling at the ref. You tidy up the things that you’re doing.”

“In all we gave them 14 minutes of PP time,” said Bruce Boudreau following the game.

Canucks deserve credit. Their three PP goals came on the same play. Two were passes through Hiller’s crease, from his glove to stick side. The third was across the top of the crease, glove to stick side. Hazy pointed out that those passes are especially difficult for a goalie to deflect or corral. It isn’t just the goalie but he is main guy responsible for the puck anytime it’s in his crease. The two D-men are equally responsible though. One for not covering the passing lane. The other for letting a guy get the one-timer off after the pass beat two of his teammates.

It’s BackCheck’s Rule, you can always identify at least two mistakes on a play before the puck goes in.

The good news is that we face Nashville tomorrow night. We have to get this game behind us quickly.

  1. czhokej says:

    Going there to see the game was at the end an expensive way to indulge in masochism.
    I would say that even strength we were just about even. The luck was not on our side, the calls did not go our way, but that’s should not be an excuse. It looked like Vancouver forechecking and passing were better, they were able to find open spaces and to get behind our Ds. It’s just embarrassing when the team cannot score. Sbisa and Beauch looked confused on the right side, we did not eliminate mistakes. The only player who was performing up to my standards was Winnik. Ryan showed some improvement (of course not enough), but majority of our players is still out of shape and trying to get their skills back. I even did not like our coaching.

  2. bbdux93 says:

    I’m going to tonight’s game – hope they play better.
    Did no one tell the guys before the game – stay out of the penalty box – of course they did. Did our guys forget – doubt it. Everyone can understand letting your response get out of control for a little while – but when it’s prolonged you loose – no matter what you’re doing.
    If coach has a few more “F bombs” in him – now would be a good time to drop them.

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