Postgame: Ducks 3 Avs 0

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In four games Viktor Fasth is 4-0, .962 SP and 0.98 GAA and oh yeah 1 SO. Tonight was about him. The fast Avs weren’t Fasth enough. yeah, bad, eh. OC Register columnist Mark Whicker called our Ducks the Fasth and Furious. Get used to it. We’ll have Fasth puns all season.

The upshot is this could have been a something to 3 loss if not for Fasth. The Ducks did not play their best game but skated off the ice with two points. After 4 games there is now a book on Fasth. Look for him to be genuinely challenged going forward.

Coach Boudreau flat-out said, “It’s good to win the first game of a road trip. but we’re going to have to play better to win anymore.”

Kyle Palmieri had a goal taken away by the review committee. He and T raced to the net. As Selanne drew the Avs D in his direction and backhanded a dish across the flow that Palmieri snapped toward the net. The replay clearly shows Varlamov caught the puck over the goal line. Still the review committee called it inclusive.

As the Ducks continue to show more discipline our guys will earn more favorable calls. Tonight we got a 5 0n 3. In the third Chuck Kobesaw speared Sheldon Souray in the thigh. Souray retaliated and surprisingly both went off. Usually Refs miss the initial infraction and call the retaliation.

The Ducks got on the board first 6:20 into the game when Sheldon Souray blasted a Ryan Getzlaf feed for his third of the season.
Saku Koivu buried another lucky bounce coming off the stick Avs defender Greg Zanon. Selanne and Souray were awarded assists on the play. For T it is  #750 tying Larry Robinson at 41st All Time.
Midway through the second Francois Beauchemin completed a tic tac toe passing play with Koivu and Winnick.

From there the Ducks played eat the clock. Avs pressed and Ducks did get more chances but Varlamov was sharp which kept the game interesting.

Notes: Ducks head to Dallas for a tilt Friday with the Stars. Coach has a few decisions to make, not the least of which is which goalie starts. Does he go with the hot hand or get some Hiller some work?

Sami Vatanen is going to be a fine NHL hockey player but he is also going to get burned a few times before he learns when to pick his spots. Luckily, Colorado didn’t make him pay tonight. And yeah, it was good Bryan Allen played a steady game alongside the gifted rookie.

In a pregame interview with Dan Woods, Corey Perry admitted that his timing isn’t quite right yet. Corey said he feels like would coming out of camp. Right now he’s going against a lot of guys who played in Europe. Look for Pears to start light it up within 5 games.

Ducks are beginning to get national hockey media attention. Pierre Lebrun watched the game and tweeted numerously about Fasth. Kevin Weekes says our Ducks are for real.

  1. ffe155 says:


    Just saw that Ducks picked up Ben Lovejoy. Could not help noticing that like Vatanen he’s a right handed shot. Loving the Ducks fast start, but have noticed the Ducks seem to have a tough time breaking out of the D zone on the right side due to L shooting D playing the R side being forced to their backhand when under a strong forecheck and when PKing. I am seeing too many weak backhanded passes and clearing attempts. Canuck PP in particular seemed to exploit this in the home opener. Interested if you or others are seeing the same thing?

    • bc says:

      Yes, I’ve posted on the lack of right handed D-men for at least 3 seasons.
      It’s also good Murray is going for size too. Ben Lovejoy is about 6’2″ 215#’s.
      You could have knocked me over with a noodle when Murray said, ‘We made some moves and one day I looked out there and we had become a small team.” Not that you’d expect a 7 figure a year exec to perform a little due diligence.

  2. yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

    I have to admit that I am loving this…we are wining without our top line contributing (it is just a matter of time), we have two goalies that give us a chance to compete, and we have a well distribution of age/experience.

    Go Ducks!

    • bc says:

      Ryan Getzlaf might be the most quietly effective point-a-game player in the NHL right now. Each of his 3 goals were scored at even strength. Two of his six assists have come on the PP. It should be noted that none of his points have come in stat padding situations. At least half of his assists have come on game, game tying or go ahead goals.
      A 54.5% FO% shows that the Captain’s compete level is way up.
      After the stats though you need an eye for the game to appreciate how dominant he’s been. He did look to run out of gas in third last night but not many noticed. He was less physically dominant but that should be credited to the speed of the Avs. You can’t hit what you can’t catch.

      Perry’s issue is timing. He’ll take it up another level or two within the next five games as his game comes together. You can put that in the bank.

      A little difficult to talk about LW on the top line because the Twins are now on their fourth in just nine games. Etem is the latest. Boudreau has also tried Palmieri, Beleskey and Winnick. It is a tad difficult for any LW because that guy is always going to be Getz’ third choice after Pears and going back to the D. Now that the Captain is shooting more often, maybe the LW is now his fourth option.
      Sure is a great problem to have though!

  3. czhokej says:

    I am excited that we play smart hockey. Not always without mistakes, but I can see Boudreau’s master plan, and it makes sense. However, it’s very physically demanding, and I am afraid that we could fizzle out. The top line had some good moments, but that’s not enough. The same applies to the second line – not producing !

    • bc says:

      Gabby is a traditionalist cz. When was the last time we talked about our Ducks defending as though they were Keystone Cops out there? We’re not looking for the goofy stretch pass but rather using our speed guys to earn stretch pass opportunities. Huge difference between taking it when presented and looking to manufacture it.

      Coach has them playing a short gap up and back. The five man unit is always positioned to trap or spring. There’s always an outlet guy positioned to accept a ‘share.’
      Most of all, he’s not asking players to perform roles for which they aren’t well suited. By the same token Coach isn’t shy about using his hook and sitting or moving a guy down. Most of all he doesn’t do it with a useless “dressing down” speech. He just does it and tries to put a positive spin on it. No drama.

      Randy Carlyle was firm as well but I defy anyone to find an HR practitioner who would give RC a passing grade for people skills.

      To RC’s defense, Barstool Bob has provided Coach Boudreau with our most balanced and complete roster since 2008-09. We’ve got no-nonsense muscle in Souray, Allen and Staubitz. Getzlaf and Winnick dominate physically. There’s aggressively, tenacious hustle from Perry, Beauchemin, Beleskey, Bonino and to some extent Luca Sbisa.
      T, Koivu and Lydman are smooth and smart. This is all complimented by the creativity of Bobby Ryan, nose for the net smarts of Kyle Palmieri, the surprisingly deceptive Emerson Etem and last but not least is the unmatched speed of Andrew Cogliano.
      Back that up with two great goalies, and you’ve got something pretty special blossoming out there.

      What do I know though, not much. Pierre Lebrun took in the game last night, tweeting nuthin’ but love on Viktor Fasth. On NHL tonight, Kevin Weekes declared our Ducks are for real. In the immortal words of John Ahlers, “Lookout, cookout.”

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