Postgame: Anaheim 1 Dallas 3

Posted: 02/08/2013 by bc in Uncategorized
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Ducks played effectively for the twenty minutes of the second period. Our guys didn’t show up for the first. Stars shut ’em down in the third.

We were just not prepared to match the frenetic pace the Stars established from the get go. That happens at times but instead of shrinking the box, collapsing in the low slot, Stars sucked us into chasing them around.

They followed that up by targeting Perry for some cheap shots. Refs let a spearing call go against Robidas on Perry. They call a five-minute major for the same thing on Staubitz. Stars score once on the major. Refs were Denny Larue and Wes McCauley.

A poorly played game in Colorado was followed by this FUBAR. Our Ducks are presenting Coach Boudreau with his first test of the season.

Jonas Hiller started the game in a move that surprised me. Hilly didn’t come out for the second in what was described as precautionary due to a lower body injury. I suspect a tender groin and maybe last season he plays through it. Score another plus for Fasth.

Maybe our Ducks were looking past the Stars tonight. For whatever reason though this team has not played nearly as well on this road trip as they had in their first eight games of the season. It won’t get easier tomorrow night in St. Louis.


  1. bbdux93 says:

    It was a very disappointing game but not a surprise based on how they played against the Avs

  2. bc says:

    Really, bb? Maybe not in hindsight. I was stunned by the lack of effort in the first. While they didn’t even show enough self-respect to give themselves a chance, it was surprising to see how seemingly easy Dallas destroyed their structure and knocked them off their composure. It was easily our worst played period hockey since leading up to Randy Carlyle’s dismissal.
    During the second I found myself thinking it would be an incredible comeback if our guys pull it off. Then I was wondering if winning tonight would be a god thing for the team.
    Stars went with one forechecker for most of third. We only managed to record one shot on their goal. We seemed to lay and accept the eventual defeat.

    • bbdux93 says:

      IMO We beat the Avs maybe – mostly because they were so beat up already. I didn’t think our guys played as good as they should have.

      You described last night’s game well and we all know if you only play your game for 20 minutes out of 60 chances are you won’t win. As a fan I have the luxury of accepting our guys eventual defeat – no one is paying me to watch. For a player to accept eventual defeat – that’s not OK

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