Postgame: Ducks 6 Blues 5 (SO)

Posted: 02/09/2013 by bc in Uncategorized
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Mama said there’d be games like this. Ducks looked done like dinner as the Blues virtually owned them through the first twenty minutes. Our guys were stationary as the Blues got to all the loose pucks. St. Louis got second, third and fourth chances on Fasth.

Emerson Etem was called for tripping at 5:01 which allowed St. Louis to best the NHL’s best PP on display. A minute and change later Alexander Steen sent a seeing eye shot that went 5-hole through the screened Viktor Fasth.

Bobby Ryan got that one back on a wrist shot from about 30 feet out that totally handcuffed Brian Elliot. It was also Ducks first shot on goal and came at 11:09 of the first. It seemed far too little though as the Blues continued to dominate and took a two goal lead on goals by David Backes and David Perron.

Ducks fortunes fared better in the second as they earned significant offensive zone time. Coach began to juggle his lines and once again the tinkering paid off. The score remained 3-1 until the Ducks exploded for the 3 goals in 1:41. First Selanne scored after Ryan dug the puck off the far boards and fed Koivu in the face-off circle. Koivu fired and the rebound went to Selanne who easily lifted one behind Elliot. Andrew Cogliano netted his first of the season with help from Nick Bonino and Daniel Winnick. Bobby Ryan’s second of the night put our Ducks in front 4-3.

The scoring binge continued through the third as the Blues got goals from T.J. Oshie and Chris Stewart on the PP. Saku Koivu responded for our Ducks and the game went to overtime.

The Mardi Gras night fans were to get their money worth as the game went to a shoot out. The extra point wasn’t settled until Nick Bonino scored in the 6th round.

Following the game Blues coach Ken Hitchcock announced that Jake Allen would start St. Louis next game on Monday unless Jaroslav Halak is cleared the to play by the medical staff.

Our Ducks record goes to 8-2-1. The guys get 3 days to re-hydrate and mend the welts before they take their act into Chicago Tuesday night. And yeah this is one emotionally exhausted blogger right now.

  1. bbdux93 says:

    Holy Cow was all I could think of when we got the last goal in the shoot out. Best thing of the whole – wild night came after that. That celebration showed this team really likes each other and you can’t train that – not sure you can even coach that into happening. Maybe it is good coaching, maybe simply good chemistry – who cares it’s there and for the first time in a long time I found a reason to hope.
    I do know the difference between this year and last has to be the coach. With the way the Blues came at them had this been the same coach and team as last year they would have quit. I have hope because they believe.
    Near the end of our Cup season, maybe it started during the play-offs, we began to see the “I Believe” signs displayed by the fans. This year we’re starting to see it displayed by the players.

  2. czhokej says:

    Crazy game, and I am really glad that we got 2 points out of it. As bb said, they came back from behind, they worked hard. Another strong positive – second line was alive and scoring. Bobby looked like himself again. That will give us more confidence. And Cogliano scored a nice one.
    Unfortunately the top line cannot score, I almost feel sorry for Perry, because he is trying hard. And I must say that Getzlaf became a decent defensive forward, with the exception of speed. But he doesn’t play the game I would expect from a center. He assumes supportive role most of the times. However, one can tell that they are concerned, tense and troubled. Perry became a target of the opposing teams, he falls a lot, sometimes needlessly. Maybe the coach would need to split the Twins, even though I wouldn’t do it yet. Give them three more games to became more effective.

    • bbdux93 says:

      This morning a friend read me a line from the OC Register, wherein BB said, (I can’t quote it exactly) Bobby was in the MOOD to play and it showed. That is a bad comment, it indicates someone who continues to display their immaturity. It’s time someone had a talk with him – if they haven’t already – about being in the MOOD to play – every game.
      At the end of last year BR made a comment about building a line around him. If he’s holding back contributing @ 100% when that is not done he’s making a mistake. As is true in any setting, the whole is usually greater than the sum of the parts. BR needs to trust what the coach sees and he does not.

  3. czhokej says:

    Sorry about the typos.

  4. czhokej says:

    Is it the same problem with Perry, Getzy and Ryan? Immaturity and too much money? Not enough professionalism? Not enough commitment and sacrifice? I remember once hiking in the mountains after a big party, and not enough sleep. If it was on the ice, I would definitely look pitiful.
    I agree, it’s is by BB’s standards a strong criticism.
    And back to the issue of our top line: in my predictions and expectations, I have believed that our top line would give us a one goal advantage in every game. I hope that BB talks to them too.

    • bbdux93 says:

      Now that Getz has Souray to talk with maybe his game will continue to improve. Having that guy to go to has been commented on here in recent posts.Getz seems to have lacked that since C.Pronger left. I really know nothing about Souray, but if it’s a matter of respect and Getz has it for him, it may be what has helped him to make the improvements he’s made so far this season.
      Too much money at such a young age may be a factor, but since this is a contract year for both of “the Twins” I doubt it applies right now.
      As you said cz, Corey is not scoring, but it’s not for a lack of trying. He often draws more than one player to himself when he’s in the O zone and that has to be part of the problem.

      • bc says:

        Sheldon Souray was asked to take a veteran leadership role when Bob Murray signed him. He’s one of those guys who doesn’t need a letter on his jersey to lead. On the ice he leads by example. Off the ice he leads by sharing the wisdom gathered over a fifteen year NHL career.
        Souray has had a rep for being a grumpy smurf. He certainly hasn’t shown that here in Anaheim. I don’t know exactly what caused Edmonton to walk away from him. At the time it sounded like there were philosophical differences between the player and management. That can happen when a guy is expected to lead.

        Via the LA Times:

        Souray scored 26 goals for Montreal in 2006-07, and 23 for Edmonton in 2008-09. He said he has recently transitioned to being more of a shutdown defender, learning how to “manage your game.”

        Give Gabby trusts Souray to play him in all situations, I’d say the vet has learned how to manage his game.

  5. bc says:

    Found bb’s quote and here it is in context:

    Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf have formed the nucleus of a top line that has often carried the Ducks the past few years.
    But that top line has been in name only over the first few weeks of this condensed season. Every other line for the Ducks has taken turns producing like a top line, and it is a large reason why they’re off to an 8-2-1 start.

    “We got energy when Teemu scored and (Andrew) Cogliano, who’s worked so hard and hadn’t gotten goals,” Coach Bruce Boudreau said. “And you can tell when Bobby’s in one of his moods to play. He was going today. We knew we could keep it close.”

    Getzlaf and Perry went scoreless Saturday, and there have been few times when the two have clicked while having a rotating group of wingers on the left side.

    Every player gets a bounce from a lucky goal. Ryan’s first goal definitely falls into the lucky or fluke category. The other night I tweeted Ryan because I saw that he had played a whale of a game but the puck didn’t go in for him. Ryan is expected to score. When he doesn’t it’s understandable that his mood will change.

    Anybody think Corey Perry is a fun guy to be around these days?

    • bbdux93 says:

      I read in a recent post by you bc, you said that Corey (not your exact words) now has a committed to lady friend. Hope she’s a strong lady and understands why he may be a bit grumpy of late.

      • bc says:

        I’ve never met her bb but have been made to understand that she’s good for Pears.
        If Perry signs elsewhere though I’m certain she’ll be credited with breaking up the Twins in the same way Yoko was blamed for breaking up The Beatles.

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