Postgame: Columbus 2 Anaheim 3

Posted: 02/18/2013 by bc in Uncategorized
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Did anybody else miss Phil Hulett call “AnaheimDucksGoaaaaaaaaaal” while the guys were on the road? We marvel at the stamina of our Ducks grinding out 6 games in 11 days. Quietly and without as much fanfare, Hulett leaves the Honda Center PA booth, catches a few zzzz’s and awakes the Southland at 5:00AM from the broadcast studio at KFWB. The guy is a stone cold pro.

Our Ducks started out flat-footed against a spirited effort by the game Blue Jackets. It’s a good thing Jonas Hiller got to work on time because the shots were 9-0 Columbus at the 7:05 mark of the first period.

A hockey newbie could see Jonas was fighting the puck a bit in his first start in ten days. Like Hulett, Hilly looked like a another unassuming pro just doing his job. He battled through, relied on his teammates when a less seasoned goalie might have tried to do too much. And as Coach Boudreau said after the game, “He made saves that are impossible to make.”

Blue Jackets were first on the scoreboard when former Duck Vinnie Prospal got in behind the D to Hiller’s glove side. Prospal stopped a puck with his head that rebounded off his glove and he somehow managed to tip in off his stick. It’s a new on me. I’ve never seen a tic tac toe goal scored by just one guy.

Peter Holland got it back for his first of the year. It was a PPG that started when Ben Lovejoy pickpocketed the puck off a Blue Jacket, head-manned the Bobby Ryan who hit Holland leaping out of the sin bin. The rookie went in alone on Bobrovsky and wristed one through the Blue Jackets goaltender.

And then, just 21 seconds later Ryan Getzlaf would battle not one but two Blue Jackets in succession along the boards. Getzy came out with the puck and executed a crisp give and go with Matt Beleskey who well was positioned above the hash marks. When Getzlaf got it back he fought off Blue Jacket protecting the puck with his body, then another and finally using that long reach deposited the biscuit in the Columbus.

It’s a goal that defines Ryan Getzlaf as much that goal two seasons ago in Nashville defined the talent of Bobby Ryan.

Corey Perry scored the winner in typical Corey Perry fashion. He’s battling in the low slot, slashed, gashed, bashed and trashed, finds the puck, elects to shoot rather than pass across the crease and as puck goes into the net Perry is dumped head over heels onto his butt against the end boards. As Perry gets to his feet, shaking off the effects of the abuse, ever-present infectious Perry grin. Remember the kid on your block who you could beat on all day long and he’d just laugh at ya and frustrate ya? Meet Corey Perry.

Our Ducks will be taking a day or two off before heading back to work Thursday. I’m going to join them. Enjoy the break.


  1. czhokej says:

    I could start with some positives: we won, the Twins scored, Holland showed a nice touch…. and we got two PP goals, Hiller made some big saves.
    However, it was such an ugly game. Against the last team in the whole league, we played our worst game of the season. Even the loss 0-5 against the Nucks did not look that bad. Vertical passing did not work, we couldn’t get out of our zone, passes did not connect, there was no puck support, we looked slow, nervous and afraid. This time I even did not like the coaching. BB did not change anything during the game. It reminded me Carlyle’s coaching. Columbus outshot us ES, and had many more shots blocked, had more scoring chances. We could not hold on the puck. I must say that the Jackets played a good game, they did not give us any space.
    I have said before that we can beat anybody in the league, if we play our game.
    Now I must say that we can lose to any team, if we play like yesterday against the Blue Jackets.

    • bbdux93 says:

      I absoutly agree with cz. We’ve seen them play much better than this, yet again – somehow – they won.
      I listened to the radio interview of Luca Sbisa on my way home from the game. He said a couple of things that may explain why we’re winning this year and couldn’t last. At least twice he said they’re having fun. Once he said the locker room is good, they have a mixture of young guys and vets that keep them calm, and that BB is a funny guy in there. He also said how tired they were – that this break is really needed. Buckle up boys – there’s still a long way to go.
      We’ve seen how good this team can play, so I’ll do my best to remain positive.

      • silentboba says:

        Six games in 11 days will do that to a team. It was a lot of miles and very little rest. The fact they were able to hold it together while their legs were doing some tough sledding says a lot of good things about the team. Especially with their ability to stick to the game plan and believe they can tilt the ice their way, and then actually do just that. Yeah, it was a sloppy game and there have been sloppy moments in almost every game, but this year’s team seems to grab it’s boot straps and pull itself up at the right times. Plus, the overall effort level is more consistent than it was last year. Hope the long journey followed by a long rest doesn’t affect their game too much.

  2. bilverado says:

    In the last couple of seasons, we’ve had a penchant for playing poorly against other teams who are playing the second of back-to-back games. So far, we’ve done decently. We’ve lost a lot of games to the Predators—who we now seem able to find a way to beat. We’ve lost in Detroit—managed a win there against a depleted team (which we might have played poorly against in the last couple of years). We also seemed to play poorly and lose to bottom dweller teams, but we seem to be beating them this year. Now if we just play a good game after a five day layoff when we tend to come back rusty and slow, I’ll really be a believer!! As for the Blue jackets game, as they say, you tend to play to the level of your competition—the Ducks played down to the BJs level and the BJs played up a bit to the Ducks level. The good news is, the Ducks finally pulled it together and pulled out a W. This year they are finding a way to win the games they spent the last 2-3 years finding a way to lose.

  3. czhokej says:

    Our guys were most likely still very tired, and I shouldn’t make a far- reaching judgment based on that game. I am a pessimist by nature, and I am still afraid that we won’t be able to sustain this pace (high energy game). Several teams used successfully the same strategy during the regular season, and then couldn’t make it in the playoffs.
    We will see what happens after the 5 day break. We play Colorado on Sunday.

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