Anaheim Ducks have announced that former Vice-President and General Manager has accepted a position as a part-time scout with the team.


“We are happy to welcome Brian back to the organization,” said Ducks Executive Vice President/General Manager Bob Murray. “Anytime you can add a person of his quality to your staff, it makes your organization better. We’ve had success working together before and look forward to doing it again.”

Burke returns to the Ducks after originally serving as Executive Vice President/General Manager from 2005-08. Over his three-plus seasons with the organization, the Ducks captured their first Stanley Cup (2007), first Pacific Division title (2007) and first two 100+ point seasons (2006-07 & 2007-08). The Ducks also qualified for the postseason in all three seasons, winning six of eight playoff series over that span.

The scouting role was not clearly defined in our Ducks press release. Brian Burke could be doing anything from scouting upcoming teams on the schedule, players that are offered in trade, our own players in the minors and/or draft prospects.

Let’s just hope our Ducks don’t start a losing streak Sunday.


  1. bbdux93 says:

    Are you suggesting there could be a connection between Burke’s return to the organization and the Ducks going on a loosing streak? I’d be surprised if there is any impact on the team in the immediate future.

  2. czhokej says:

    Burke would like to have his old job back. He was hired because he still has a lot friends here. There are many interesting things on his resume, but recent events did not go well for Burke. I hope that he won’t have too much influence.

    • bc says:

      Conventional wisdom has Burkie going to Buffalo or Washington.
      What was all that about Burke not liking Anaheim because it was hard on his family?
      The quick start probably saved Bob Murray’s job though. Imagine if our Ducks had a losing record and Burke became available as he is now?

      • bbdux93 says:

        My immediate reaction to the news was – now the blind squirrel has a hawk at his back. My guess is there were no other – good offers closer to home. Burke gets to stay involve in the hockey operations and the squirrel has been put on notice.

      • bc says:

        According to various media reports it took a bit of time to negotiate the final payout on the remaining $5m due Burke on his MLSE contract. My guess is that the ink was barely dry on the settlement agreement when Anaheim re-hired Burke.

        So long as our Ducks keep winning it’s unlikely that the squirrel will be eaten by the hawk.

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