Avs @ Ducks is all about gap control

Posted: 02/24/2013 by bc in Uncategorized
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Followers of this blog should be familiar with certain phrases like gap control, playing a short gap game, third man high, maintaining inside position etc. Ducks forward Daniel Winnick gives us another opportunity to discuss gap control as prepares to meet the Avs later today.

“We need to gap-up as much as we can and take time and space away from quick teams. [The Avalanche] is not the biggest team out there. Usually it kind of kills their will, in a sense.”

Here in this drill you can see gap up explained and practiced by Coach Steve Weiss and the Mississauga Rebels.  See in the live drill how the D-men gap-up to meet the oncoming opposition forward at center ice? The illustration shows the D meeting their check at the blue line. When this happens during a game announcers usually say so and so was caught flat-footed at the blue line.

The video is short, only 3:32 minutes. Checking it out will provide you quality understanding of what you’ll be seeing our Ducks attempting to do in tonight’s game.

Gap up, when combined with backside pressure traps the opposition and leads to turnovers. This is how our Ducks will look to frustrate the very fast and young Avs.

Notes: Avs Coach Joe Sacco has said J.S. Giguerre will likely start tonight. Jiggy is 2-1 against us since his trade to Toronto.
This is the second of back2back road games for the Avs who lost to the Kings last night.
Cam Fowler is cleared to play after missing 8 games following a hit by Jarrett Stoll.

This is our Ducks first game after a 5 day layoff. All eyes are looking to see if our guys can set the tempo or at least match the Avs intensity.

It’s an interesting game on many levels.



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