Bring on those Stanley Cup winning LA Kings

Posted: 02/25/2013 by bc in Uncategorized
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Like we’re really scared, eh. Hockey media and the blogs are making a big deal that the Kings have won 3 straight and 5 of their last 6. Big whoop. During their little run Kings faced two teams with records north of .500. Stanley Cup champions are supposed to beat the weak sisters of the NHL. Kings lost to Chicago, who our Ducks beat. Kings did beat St. Louis 4-1 who our Ducks also beat.

Ducks have absolutely no reason to fear these guys. Respect them certainly. Kings have some talent and  some big boys who can put a hurt on ya. So do we. The difference is these Ducks (Allen, Souray, Winnick, Beauchemin and Maroon) are bigger and badder than any five  the Kings can send over the boards.

The Kings are dependent on four guys (Carter, Kopitar, Brown and Richards) for the bulk of their scoring. Ducks have ten guys with four or more goals. I’ll take the deeper team thank you.

Not that it ever happens in the NHL but if it did the bounty on Jarret Stoll would be about $10k. Nice bonus for a few guys, if the opportunity be available.

Drew Doughty is without a goal 16 games into this NHL half season. Still, the Kings offense starts with him. Disrupt his ability to move the puck and the Kings need a huge night from their goalie. So far this season at least Kings haven’t shown the scoring depth or the ability to out-muscle weaker opponents.

So bring ’em on. Last season is yesterday’s news.

  1. Bill Kearns says:

    I just can’t read anything with the Kings and Stanley Cup in the same sentence without hearing Soft Cell’s 1981 version of “Tainted Love” playing in my head!

    • bc says:

      Kings win one Cup in 40+ years and Bill themes it with a song from a one hit wonder. Cool.
      I’m still stinging from the Kings pushing us around so easily last year. This is our first chance to go into their house and take two points.

      Hey Bill notice we didn’t tag this as a measuring stick game? It isn’t.

  2. czhokej says:

    Do not underestimate the Kings. They are still a strong team with some skilled individuals.

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