Ducks can’t match Kings intensity late

Posted: 02/26/2013 by bc in Uncategorized
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In a game of follow the leader the L.A. Kings picked it up a notch after captain Dustin Brown went top shelf on Viktor Fasth to tie the game at two. The Kings would score twice more during a during a nine minute barrage whereupon they simply raised the tempo and physical compete level.

Our Ducks didn’t match. We didn’t get a bounce during the onslaught. We got into penalty trouble. We got caught running around in our end. Kings just flat-out took over and didn’t let up.

Slava Voynov got wide open in the left face off circle when Matt Beleskey made a bad read and chased the puck. Voynov ripped one 5-hole on Fasth that just had enough velocity to get over the goal line.

Kings continued to dominate beating the Ducks to most if not every loose puck. Kings defender Jake Muzzin took a feed from Anze Kopitar, stepped in from the blue line a few feet, showed some mis-direction faking a cross ice pass to Justin Williams and placed a wrist shot that again beat Fasth high glove side.

A week or so ago, either here or Twitter I began questioning Fasth’s soft 5-hole and top shelf exposure. Tonight the Kings showed that they saw it too and exploited it. Now and going forward we’ll begin to learn if Viktor Fasth is real deal or not. Great goalies improve in their weak areas. you can expect Fasth to be tested 5-hole and top shelf during at least the next few games.

This was also a game where our best players were not the best players on the ice last night. We got the secondary or depth scoring from Cogliano and Koivu but nothing from the big four and nothing from blue line. Kings got 3 assists from Anze Kopitar and goals from Brown and Jeff Carter.

In the middle of 5 games in 7 days, Ducks have absolutely no time to dwell on this one. Next up are the Nashville Predators who are struggling of late.

  1. czhokej says:

    Before their Stanley Cup run, when they got Carter and Richards, I said about the Kings that they were a formidable team. They were a solid bunch even before they got the two excellent players from the Flyers. Carter and Richards were Philadelphia’s top scorers in 09-10, and Carter had 36 goals (Philadelphia’s best) in 2010-2011 and 46 in 08 -09 (the second best in the league.
    It would be like getting for example Datsyuk and Zetterberg to the Ducks.
    We were losing too many one on one battles.

    • bbdux93 says:

      At the beginning of the year BB said he was still looking for a forward. With all of his changes it looks like he’s still trying to find that missing piece. Maybe Burke can find what we’re lacking.

  2. czhokej says:

    You are very right bb. There is still something missing. I would prefer more constancy of line rushes. I would like to have a specialized shut-down line.

    • bbdux93 says:

      cz – The line changes may be intended to add to what’s missing – or to confuse opponents, but I agree more consistency would seem to make better sense. Look at Winnick as an example, once they changed the Koivu, Cogliano Winnick line – he stopped scoring. While I like the speed and hockey smarts Cogs brought to the top line, I’d rather see the KCW line put back together. I thought Matt brought enough to the top line to stay there – but obviously coach didn’t agree.

      I know it’s almost sac-relig (sp ?) to mention any deficiencies Teemu has, but I will anyway. T needs to spend some practice time improving his passing. As much as he brings and we all appreciate his heart and will to win, he needs to improve his passing.

      Last thought about our lines – if we don’t see Cogs back on the KCW line, I hope bb will put him on a line with Teemu.

  3. ad3fan says:

    Hello, first time poster and want to quickly say that I enjoy reading reading your blog.
    I thought the Ducks played great the first 2 periods. I don’t want to use fatigue as an excuse because the Ducks didn’t necessarily play all 3 periods against the Avs, and the travel isn’t that far.
    With the Ducks string of late comeback wins, it was difficult to watch the Kings do that to us. Admittedly, this loss also stung especially reading Doughty’s comments about our team prior to the game. Ducks weren’t able to elevate their game. Shouldn’t that be a worrying factor (especially come playoffs)? Or is it too early for that?
    Anyway, onto the next game. Want the ducks to go thru our own March madness schedule above 500.

    • bc says:

      Welcome to the board ad3fan. Now that you’ve made your first post you won’t have to wait for me to moderate your next post. It will be approved and appear automatically.

      I was wondering if Brad Staubitz should dress against the Kings. We don’t need a CroMagnon Man like Jordan Nolan taking our good players off the ice.

      You might have something in that our Ducks didn’t elevate their game. There’s weird line between elevating your game and gripping the stick too tight. Sometimes when you pick it up a notch and it doesn’t go your way, you start to press. It’s like Coach says, “You bear down on the ice and you create a rut or a groove. You can’t seem to get out of the rut and you don’t want to get out of the groove.”

      We had chances to put the Kings away early. We didn’t cash in those opportunities. Maybe a two goal lead would have inspired our guys to pick up their game? Success begets success?

  4. czhokej says:

    Welcome ad3!
    I agree that we need to be concerned. We were winning with hard work, good skating and solid puck support, and that was not visible last night. Of course we cannot expect to win every game and every streak has to come to an end. But I do not like to see us being overpowered, outhandled.

  5. czhokej says:

    bc, I believe that Staubitz played, but he was not too much of a force (7 minutes TOI total, 3 hits). He is bigger than our several small forwards, but I was hoping we would beat the Kings with the speed in the front. That did not happen. I hate to say it, but the Kings have some extraordinary players.

    • bc says:

      I completely missed Staubitz being out there. (((DOH)))
      After six periods of play against the Kings we’re even at 1-1, GF/GA 9, P% .500
      So yes, the Kings are a good team with “some extraordinary players.”
      Mark Whicker interviewed BB, who regretted that we didn’t take advantage of our opportunities. We didn’t finish plays when we had the chance to put them away.

  6. yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

    Let me express what we are truly feeling…We loath losing to the princess and their tainted cup, period! And the officiating still has much to be desired this season, for and against.

    As BC indicated, we had many opportunities to put them away and we failed…it is OK. We are not going to win every game nor bring 100%…it was a back to back. I was impressed how our team held their composure. Last season the third period would have been filled with frustration fights and penalties.

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