Back 2 back 2 back v. Phoenix

Posted: 03/02/2013 by bc in Uncategorized
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Ducks bring their best ever 15-3-1 record into Phoenix for the start of a three game series against the Coyotes. To make matters tougher on the ‘Yotes they’ll face our Ducks without Getzlaf shadow Martin Havlat and Duck killer Radim Vrbata.

Beware wounded dogs. The ‘Yotes, sitting just outside the playoffs in the 11th seed view this series as key to making up ground in the Pacific Division. They trail our Ducks by ten points.

Currently, eleven teams are separated by just five points as the half way marker approaches in the Western Conference. Of the teams ranked 6th through 13th, Phoenix is one of just two teams with a positive goal differential. Tainted Cup champions Los Angeles Kings are the other.

Playing the Coyotes is like skating inside perpetual three-pronged trap. They take away time and space by keeping one attacker forward at the puck and two in support. The short gap between their own forwards and D presents a wall of red against oncoming attackers.
This is a team that will also collapse five skaters around goaltender Mike Smith.

In other words what Tippett’s team tries to do is shrink the rink so that the opposition is playing in the small ice areas along the boards and in the corners. In many ways our Ducks support the puck game plays directly into Phoenix strategy.

Notes: Conventional media wisdom is advancing the idea that our Ducks can no longer both Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry. This is mostly an excuse used by the Gossip Girls to milk a non-existent trade rumor. According to CapGeek our Ducks have more than $28m cap space available for next season. Plenty of money to spread around The Twins and The Finn Twins if all return.



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