Ducks employ KISS rule

Posted: 03/06/2013 by bc in Uncategorized
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It was a 90 minute practice under the mantra, back to basics.

Obviously Coach didn’t like what he saw in Phoenix. “I thought today was a good day to get back to basics, especially since we’ve seen a couple things happening where we’re slipping from the way we used to play. Sometimes you just need to come back, gather it, and put it all together.”

Those back to basics follow the Keep It Simple Stud rule. Press the forwards all the way back. Keep the play in front of you. Maintain inside position on your check. Outnumber the opposition at the puck or point of attack. Support the puck. Play the man before you play the puck. Keep the gaps short when you don’t have the puck. Get sticks and bodies in the passing lanes. (Note: Not always easy to do when you’re GM loads you up with left-handed shooters)

This is mostly about cleaning things up in our own end. Luca Sbisa, who has played alongside Cam Fowler while Bryan Allen sweats out the flu, noted, “We want to play a little tighter defensively, especially after we score a goal. The next shift is really big. The past few games I don’t think we did a very good job. There’s a few things we have to address, but that’s why we had a day like this. We had a chance to go over a few things systems-wise.”

Common to most defensive play drills is that you start the drill without the puck and end the drill transitioning to offense. It’s fluid.

The Coyotes have been very tactical and lucky scoring 4 goals in each of the past two games. Tactical in how they isolated on our slower moving D-men and targeting 5-hole and top shelf on Fasth. Lucky when Jonas Hiller allowed a couple-3 soft goals.

“Even if you slip a little bit, it’s going to affect your game,” said Teemu Selanne. “That’s what has happened. That’s why we went back to the basics. Usually that works.”


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