Anaheim Ducks were flat but effective in beating the spirited but ineffective Calgary Flames 4-0. Viktor Fasth was outstanding turning aside 29 shots.

Daniel Winnick got things started at 1:15 of the first attacking the low slot and snapping a feed from behind the red line from Andrew Cogliano.  It was Winnick’s sixth goal of the season and first in 18 games.

Our Ducks would then play a passive defense shell for the next 35 minutes. The Flames took territorial control and out shot our guys 10-4 in the first.

Not even a dance invitation from former Duck Bryan McGratton to Brad Staubitz was accepted. It was the smart play by Staubitz. McGratton was only trying to fire up his teammates. By refusing, Staubitz denied them the opportunity, not they needed it.

In a similar play to Winnick’s goal, Ryan Getzlaf raced to a loose puck along  the right mid-boards and whipped it behind the net to Corey Perry. Pears spotted Ryan racing into the left slot shooting lane to complete the tic tac toe score. It was Ryan Getzlaf’s 500 career point, all with our Ducks.

Note: Video links of the first two goals are included to show set plays and also note how both Winnick and Ryan one-timed the pass.

Sheldon Souray put the home squad up by three just 2:12 following the Ryan goal. With Peter Holland providing the screen, Souray blasted a Brad Staubitz pass into the Calgary net.

Ryan Getzlaf put the game out of reach at 16:18 of the third when he took a no look redirect from Bobby Ryan and pushed it behind Kiprusoff.

Coach Boudreau summed it up pretty well, “We sure were outplayed in the first half of the game,” he noted. “Thank goodness for Viktor. Once we scored the second goal, we started to get our legs and started to do the right things, and I think they were frustrated. A win is a win.”

It was the tenth consecutive home win for Anaheim.

  1. czhokej says:

    The opening period was really ugly. We couldn’t maintain the possession of the puck, we were not able to pass, to deke, we couldn’t get to any loose pucks, we were losing all one-on-one battles, and most of our possessions lasted 3-6 seconds. We were lucky to get the lead and keep it because of Fasth. We will not win too many games with hockey like that. Teemu is not playing well, the youngsters still make mistakes becasue of lack of experience. Getzy had a good game, but I still believe he doesn’t deserve 8 M. Hayward said, almost officially, that we will let Perry go. I was afraid of it. Getzlaf will never score 50 a season. And this generous contract of his will make the Ducks weaker.

    • bc says:

      Trading or seeing Pears walk is the popular, conventional wisdom, cz. The speculation drives traffic to the rumor blogs.
      Hazy opined that we have to sign or trade Perry by the 4/3 deadline. Again, Hazy is applying logic to the NHL.
      Everything depends on what we get for Perry but you can’t help but think losing Pears would seriously impact our chances for the Cup.
      Let’s say, just to toss out a name, say we got Ovechkin for Perry. As good as both players are it wouldn’t be a seamless transition, in the room or on the ice.
      I think the Cup or a deep playoff run will be our first priority and trading Corey Perry at the deadline second.
      This isn’t to say we lose Perry as a UFA. I just don’t think it’s a foregone conclusion.

  2. czhokej says:

    It looks to me that Getzy recently tried really hard to impress our management to get a good contract. But how many good games did he have? Maybe 10 this season, maybe 10 last season. What kind of motivation tools are now available if he doesn’t perform. And I am almost sure that Perry will start scoring more and more. he usually does in the second half of the hockey year. I hope that you are right and we will not lose him.

    • bc says:

      Maybe the January start helped Getz?
      The thing about Pears is that he has the ability to raise the bar on contracts. In that sense his decision, more than that of Getzlaf, impacts an entire industry. Some are saying Perry will command more than $9m on the open market.
      The pecking order in rooms tend to follow salaries. It will take some deft politics to pay Perry more than Getzlaf.
      There are so many possible outcomes for Corey Perry that every hunch has some validity. He could go UFA to establish his market value and still sign here.
      When Hazy said he thought we have to trade or sign Perry by the deadline, he also said that he hadn’t talked with Bob Murray about it.

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