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The Leafs haves traded David Steckel to the Ducks in exchange for right-winger Ryan Lasch and the seventh-round pick in the 2014 NHL Entry Draft.

Lasch, was a free agent signing on May 31, 2012, currently playing in the Swedish Elite League with the Vaxjo Lakers. Lasch will be assigned to the Toronto Marlies.

Steckel had one assist in 13 games this season. He joined the Maple Leafs in a trade with New Jersey on October 4, 2011.

According to Bob and BB:

“Adding David Steckel gives us another big body and depth up the middle,” said Ducks general manager Bob Murray. “He comes highly recommended from Bruce (Boudreau). Faceoffs have been something of a concern for us the last few seasons. Steckel is a tremendous faceoff man and penalty killer, something that will really help our club.”

I would have to agree with Bob and BB, Steckel is a great faceoff guy and a solid penalty killer…good trade!

  1. ffe155 says:

    Ducks have needed faceoff help for a long time. Good to have another go-to option besides Saku. Also have to think that Steckel’s size is a factor and adding another big body with NHL experience helps with upcoming Pac Div match-ups.

  2. czhokej says:

    Steckel was 58 % at the FO circle in 2011 – 2012, which was impressive, but somehow only 46.9% this season (?). He took only 81 FOs this year in 13 games (14 times a healthy scratch). Last season he was on the FO 1108 times. I guess Randy Carlyle did not like him that much. But I trust BB, and I believe that our coach wants to have a shut down line. And it may be the right step.

    • bbdux93 says:

      I’m hoping – like cz – that we’re moving toward a shut down line. No one who watched our Cup team can dispute how important that was. Maybe this new acquisition will help with more than just face offs.

      It’s true BB uses all of his lines more than RC did and that has helped to keep our top line fresher. It’s also true he’s not afraid to make changes when things aren’t working.

      Giving our young players more opportunities will certainly help them to develope faster – but down the stretch I think we’ll need to rely more on veteran players. Brings to mind the expression about separating the men from the boys. Boys can watch and copy the men, but ultimately it’s mostly the men that make things happen.

      Even with the luck we’ve had while playing less than great hockey, this team can’t expect that will last. The “hockey Gods” could turn away from us at any time.

      IMO it’s time our guys started playing better – will Steckel help – let’s hope so.

  3. yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

    Watching the chippy St Louis game as I post…

    Hey ffe…hopefully Steckel can fill some shoes now and in the future. He was a bargain (660K out of his 1.1).

    cz and bb…his numbers may be down. However, he was very effective with Washington under BB leadership. We all understand how challenging it was under RC reign. I would love for us to develop a shut down line…Steckel would be a good start

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