Solid Effort Against the Blues…Last Two Weeks of March Will Be Brutal!

Posted: 03/17/2013 by yougetoutwhatyouputin in Uncategorized

Both Hiller and Allen were solid. Chris Stewart scored 45 seconds into overtime on a play set up when Sobotka intercepted the puck midair via Teemu pass near the St. Louis blue line (worst turnover by Teemu in a longtime).

BB says…”We’ve played every second day since Feb. 24 and we still have five games next week,” “For the team just to play as good as they’ve been playing consistently is pretty amazing to me.”

Hiller had surrendered just two goals on 65 shots the previous two games. The Ducks had outscored opponents 14-4 during the five-game winning streak.

BB complimented both goalies, saying “Anything they could see, they stopped. Hiller didn’t see Russell’s goal for sure. Our goal was tipped by Koivu, I’m sure Allen didn’t see it.

“Those are when two goalies are zoned in.”

March Going Out With A Bang!

The last two weeks of March will include San Jose, Chicago, Detroit (Perry returns), Detroit, San Jose, San Jose, Chicago, and ending with the streaking Blue Jackets, respectively. Should make for an interesting trade deadline speculations/rumors…

San Jose is on tap tomorrow…our Ducks team has what it takes…hope they can preserve with this brutal schedule.


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