Detroit is on tap Friday and Sunday

Posted: 03/22/2013 by yougetoutwhatyouputin in Uncategorized

Perry’s back from his suspension….not that we have struggled, it will be nice to have him back.

Red Wings star forward Datsyuk has six points in his previous five games, and while he has just one goal in 14 games, he’s chipped in with 12 assists. Getzlaf has back-to-back two-point games and 13 points in nine entering the game.

BB on our 3rd period come backs:

“We don’t expect to come back, but we always think we can,” coach Bruce Boudreau said. “We’ve got great leadership. Everybody knows their role.”

Injury report: The Red Wings will be without defensemen Colaiacovo (shoulder), Quincey (cheekbone),  Helm (back) and Bertuzzi (back). Forward Patrick Eaves (jaw) is questionable.

Bonino is still questionable.

I love it when Detroit is in town…Let’s keep rolling…

  1. bc says:

    Missed this game last night but get the sense our Ducks are just a tad ticked at themselves. Howard made saves while standing on his ear for ten minutes. After that though BB says we just kind of quit taking it to them.

    “You give a team like that any sort of space, any sort of momentum, they can capitalize on that, and I think that’s exactly what happened tonight,” said Ducks defenseman Cam Fowler. “… you (we) have a few shifts there where bounces don’t go your way and they make it hurt.”

    Gabby said, “That’s a pretty good team over there and they handled the puck tremendously, and they made us look bad.”

    Teemu has said of late our Ducks are challenged to play a full 60 minutes of smart, effective hockey. Hopefully the Red Wings will bring out the smarts in our guys on Sunday.

    Note: Ducks extended Patrick Maroon’s contract two years. Good bet on him eventually making it and contributing. He’s a legit power forward and those guys just seem to take a little longer to develop.

    • bbdux93 says:

      Lesson time – please. bc can you explain the term Power Forward. How is that different from others who play offense?

      • bc says:

        Glad to bb. Power forward is a still evolving term of art that describes a big center or wing who dominates physically, plays with a bit of a mean streak while racking up significant points.
        Saku Koivu isn’t a while Ryan Getzlaf is. where the phrase is still evolving is in the application. In the 90’s when “power forward” became used to describe players like Mark Messier, Keith Tkachuk and Brendan Shanahan, an agitator like Corey Perry might have been included.
        Not so today, where Pears is usually described along with a Chris Kunitz as an agitator compared to other power forwards like Jerome Iginla, A guy like Dustin Penner, who was described as a power forward earlier in his career might be better tagged as a depth forward now for his lack of scoring and play making.
        Some other examples of power forwards include, Washington Capitals Alex Ovechkin,Dallas Stars Brendan Morrow and Boston Bruins Nathan Horton.
        Two virtually prototypical power forwards are Flyers Scott Hartnell who racked up 24G, 25A, 142 PIMS, 168 hits, 8 fights in 82 games last season. In 20 fewer games Blues Chris Stewart totaled 25G, 28A, 53 PIMS, 56 hits and 4 fights.

  2. bbdux93 says:

    Thanks bc – giving examples makes the term understandable. Also, causes me to wonder what might have happened with Dustin Penner had he remained a Duck.

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