Did Babcock and Wings expose Ducks?

Posted: 03/25/2013 by bc in Uncategorized
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…or was just a matter of our guys running into a hot goaltender?

First consider how the Wings clogged the center lane on our breakouts and through the neutral zone.  Howard played the puck and was like a third D-man out there at times.

The challenge here is that it took us four periods to adapt. We never did beat them through the middle but took the alleys and perimeter which the Wings willingly gave us. We never did establish the fore-check off dump-ins by keeping the puck away from Howard either.

Finally the referees, continued to provide evidence of gross incompetence or a flat-out official policy of penalizing our Ducks. Offside calls continually went against our Ducks, as the did penalties. By the halfway point in the game our Ducks had killed off twice (4) as many penalties as had the Wings (4).

The call on Getzlaf for allegedly tripping Valteri Filppula with 33 seconds left in the game contradicted a long-held NHL policy of allowing teams to play out one goal games. For more than a century the league has had a stated policy of allowing games to be decided on a hockey play, rather than on a call by an official. Apparently the league, either by incompetence or bias won’t apply a century old policy in a games involving games our Ducks.

The officials in this game were referees Kevin Pollock and Gord Dwyer. The linesman were Shane Heyer and Bryan Pancich.

Call me a whiner, or poor sport or excuse maker if you will but now corporate media (after some encouragement from this blog) is paying attention. Coach Boudreau is also speaking out, at the risk of serious fine or other punishment from incompetent and /or biased league officials.

The fact that Getzlaf, Perry and Selanne were given misconducts and Selanne a game misconduct for protesting official contravening of a century old, freeze the whistle” in last five minutes shows just how weak and thin-skinned these referees have become.

Our Ducks will be well served to take their complaints about the officials to the league. You can help by using the hash tag #refusuck and by commenting to league offices.

Frankly, had our Ducks adapted earlier than in the last few minutes of the second period the incredibly poor quality of the officiating would have been irrelevant.

Notes: Anaheim Ducks have signed 16 year NHL-FA Radek Dvorak to a one year contract. Dvorak is a savvy vet who can help on the depth lines and PK. He will have to pass through waivers before joining our Ducks.

  1. czhokej says:

    I wanted to write the same, or almost. It was in my head from Friday: Why do I have the feeling that we were being out-coached. And of course out-played too. I did not comment for a few days, because it was difficult to accept that out team is not as good as the standing says (?). The Wings exposed many weaknesses in our game. But we have to give them credit – they played well organized game, with almost perfect positioning, with discipline, and a good game plan. Their passes were well timed, on-the-tape, to an open players. And they somehow had always an open player. Their defensive game was also excellent, collapsing in front of their goalie when necessary, and their puck possession game gave us a lot of trouble. On one of our PP we almost did not touch the puck. Our coaches said before the game that we had to take away time and space from them, but they did exactly that to us. They were faster and smarter team. Our dump-ins were usually badly timed, quite often an act of desperation, when we did not know what to do with the puck. Our passes were too frequently to a stationary player, North-South, difficult to work with, and predictable. I was hoping that we would start with pressure and intensity, but we were nervous. And Detroit had also more luck.

  2. yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

    Paying customer here…

    Refs swallow your whistle with 34 seconds remaining in a tight fought game (it was getting really good, Hiller was just pulled at 50 seconds)! I (5 of us) spend good money to be entertained and you blew it. If a penalty is obvious (high stick that draws blood, charging a star player, etc…) call it, otherwise zip-it-up. The favoritism is evident and pathetic! I am sick and tired of the Big Bad Ducks jargon all over the web… This is hockey not tennis. Detroit banks on calls to go in its favor…We may not be an original six team but we matter. I can go on and on regarding the momentum killer offside calls…

    BC already emailed NHL…thanks for the link!

    As for the games…I always like it when Detroit is in town as it allows me to see our weaknesses and our strengths. Friday’s game was a result of our unpreparedness, overconfident and running into a hot goalie plain and simple. Sunday’s game was the opposite except for the “on fire goalie”. Howard stopped a sure goal flat out on his side with his left pad. Three goal post shots and many more…we could not pay for a bounce. As for Detroit playing the middle of the ice and those beautiful crisp passes, they were beautiful; however, a few open ice hits would have changed that. When we play teams like this we need to hit them where it hurts and open ice hits accomplishes this. Fights do nothing. However, with the way the refs have been playing favorites they would call a penalty…

    IMO we played a good game against a good team. We had plenty of chances but did not capitalize. We outshout them and played the majority of the game in their end of the ice. Detroit won because of Howard and the power plays they were awarded. Howard was on fire and had lady luck in his net all night.

    Good thing about this schedule is there is no time to feel sorry for yourself….get back on the horse and sink the Sharks tonight.

  3. czhokej says:

    We had more SOGs, but quite a few were from the periphery, with no screening, and many of them were from a bad angle, And usually there was nobody in front of Howard for the rebounds, except Detroit players. Besides, we missed the goal on too many shots (actually 15, but some of them were pretty good scoring chances). I hope that we will learn something from those two losses.

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