Expect Pain or Jubilee Friday

Posted: 03/28/2013 by yougetoutwhatyouputin in Uncategorized

It can go either way tomorrow. It all depends on which team shows up…

When our coach is quoted in the media…

“You can’t get behind 2-0, 3-0, in the first period consistently and expect to win. It catches up to you,” Boudreau said. “Every team in the NHL sees this and knows ‘let’s get the Ducks in the first five minutes, they’re not ready.’ We were a 20-man team when we were successful. We can’t do it with 10-12 guys and the rest going through the motions.”

When our D-man is quoted saying…

“It’s all about work,” defenceman Francois Beauchemin said. “We’re not working hard enough and we’re not winning the battles. It shows on the ice. Hockey is not that complicated. You have to win the battles and work harder than the other guys. We have to use our off days to get back to basics, work on the details. We all want to get out of this.”

And when the opposing coach is quoted as saying…

“Anaheim is a very, very good team,” Sharks coach Todd McLellan said. “Their last little streak here they’ve been on their heels a little bit to begin games, and we knew we had to get after them right off the bat. I think that first shift that Pav had scoring set the tone for the next 10 minutes. We took advantage of it.”

Things need to change, starting with our overall approach. Like Beauchemin said, get back to basics, work on the details. We are making it harder than it needs to be.

I wonder whom BB is referring too and why they are just going through the motions…what suddenly turned the switch off seven days ago and how can it be turn on?

Thankfully we have a cushion that can absorb this hiccup. Duck Fans, what do believe caused the collapse seven days ago?

  1. bilverado says:

    Maybe it’s just “what have you done for me lately thinking” but since they lost back-to-backs to Phoenix, the Ducks have just been a .500 club and for March they are only 1 game better than .500 at 8-7. after starting 14-4. Looking at their 14 wins, 4 were shoot out wins and one was an OT win, so they just as easily could have been 9-9. The last two seasons have been miserable starts with flourishes and streaks of great play, but essentially, the Ducks were a .500 hockey club. Maybe, instead of starting the season slow and working back to .500, we went the opposite way this season — a great start and we’re leveling off to the team they really are.

    I certainly hope they are better than that, but they may just be a mediocre hockey club capable of flashes of brilliance and potential, but unable to sustain it.

    • yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

      IMO Bob, this season, has put together a solid team. I think what has transpired is fatigue (cz was concerned about this). All the emotion and build up to the Chicago game last week was a drain. They forgot that Detroit is in town and so on…Let’s not forget that we have allot of inexperienced youth and quite a few of our veterans/experienced players have not contributed as they used to. They are better than this…it is only a matter of time…the schedule in April appears to be bent in our favor.

  2. hattrick545 says:

    What’s wrong with our Ducks? Maybe we are not a top 5 team after all. Nobody would have believed we would be 2nd in the NHL by the half-way mark. Since beginning of the season we had some great goaltending, and timely 3rd period scoring to consistently win from behind. As the playoff picture tightens up, teams are playing extremely hard which means come from behind wins will become rare (which is statistically the case). We absolutely need to play harder and more consistently for a chance to win against the better teams competing for playoffs spots. If we keep the games close thru the first two periods (either tied or up by a goal), we can win these games. BB’s strategy of running all 4 lines keeps our best players fresh to protect leads or score the go-ahead goals late in games.

    Finally, the penalty differential is frustrating. Although our penalty kill has improved, our powerplay has gone soft. These factors can unfortunately be the difference in close games. Our earlier success was out-competing teams and winning battles, but lately our powerplay has become too cute, forcing plays, and not getting shots through. We need to get back to basics of shots with screens and deflections and jumping on rebounds. This “chaos” causes defensive systems to break down freeing up players and opening up shooting lanes.

    We are a good balanced team, and with a return of hard & consistent work we should end up a playoff team in the middle of the pack. Which is probably success for our team.

    • yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

      I would agree that perhaps we are not a top 5 team. However, losing the way we have is uncharacteristic of this team. We have been outplayed, a step behind, and just overpowered the past seven days. I hope the “Back to the Basics” practice will help refocus the team.

      As per penalty differential, it is frustrating. Perhaps the most frustrating part about it is we have been penalized 148 times (top 10 in the league) and have only been awarded 92 power plays (second to Boston with the least power plays opportunities).

      Let’s hope they bring the team that showed up last week for tonight’s contest!

  3. czhokej says:

    Today would be the good time to prove that we are a solid hockey team. Being a natural pessimist, I tend to agree with bilverado, and I have some doubts about our Ducks. We cannot expect too often to get a hat-trick from Palmieri or Bonino. Secondary scoring became less frequent. Our multi millonaires are slowing down (?).

    I want to see a good battle tonight.

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