Ducks take Game 2 from the star depleted Stars

Posted: 04/04/2013 by yougetoutwhatyouputin in Uncategorized

Dallas is in rebuild mode…they traded Jagr, Roy and captain Morrow, while we picked up Lombardi for McMillan. BB is good with our team…

“I like our team. I like the way our guys act around the dressing room. I like the way they’ve rebounded after a bad week. There’s nothing to say we can’t continue being competitive with anybody.”

Per the game last night…The zebras watched the game. They did not officiate. Getz had a goal and two assists, and Selanne scored his 673rd career goal in a 5-2 victory over the depleted Stars. Fasth made 23 saves and Dvorak scored his first goal as a Duck. Palmieri snapped a 13-game goal drought and Cogliano scored an empty-net goal (blinded shot). Ducks showed little fatigue in its 22nd game in 39 days, controlling the game early.

“Teams that make trades and do the sell-off are so tough to play down the stretch,” Anaheim coach Bruce Boudreau said. “Experience tells me when you bring in a lot of new guys, young guys especially; they play with so much energy. … To beat any team three times in a row is difficult, but we’re going to try.”

Final game of the mini-series is Friday…Kings are in town Sunday and Edmonton on Monday for another back to back contest.

Q for reply: Curious to know what U and everybody else thought of Koivu-Winnick-Dvorak as the new shut down line.

  1. czhokej says:

    bc, what do you know about Lombardi?

    • bc says:

      A 2000 7th round pick by the Edmonton Oilers Matthew Lombardi eventually establish himself as a solid Top Six center who could play in all situations with the Flames. Our Ducks have had an eye on Lombardi prior to signing Saku Koivu. He produced 14-20 goals 45+ points until a concussion sent him out of the game for a year.
      Since, the guy has kept his other skills sharp. He might beat Cogs end to end or over a lap. Lombardi can at least stay with him. He wins face offs and is solid on PK.
      Post-concussion his timing isn’t what it was when’s he’s distributing the puck and buzzing around the opposition net. Part of that could have been teammates during his travels through Toronto and Phoenix.

      Lombardi will be a great fit because he’s already earned his NHL bonafides. He’s an unselfish guy who will sacrifice to win. He’s respected on his first visit into the room.

      Back2cz, is Koivu-Winnick-Dvorak one vet savvy shut down line or what?

      • bbdux93 says:

        For a long time I was most in favor of this line with Cogs but BB proved he’s better with Belesky and Dvorak makes good sense with Koivu & Winnik. My only questions is who told Danniel to stop shooting the puck. In a couple of recent games he’s seemed to have a perfect opportunity to score – or try – and seemed to have chosen not to ? ? ?

  2. czhokej says:

    It would make sense (two big guys, physical and one playmaker with speed, and good FO skills) if Dvorak is able to shake off his nervousness. Maybe that goal against Dallas will help him.
    BB’s line shuffling continues to amaze me. Or better to say it keeps on puzzling me that it works quite well.
    And you are both right bb, and bc, Winnick plays more puck possession and defensive game these days. I still like him very much, even though he is not scoring now.
    I am really anxious to see Lombardi, but again, he will be nervous and too eager to please his new coach.
    Thank you for the info bc. I guess I did not pay too much attention to Matthew when he played for other teams.

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