May as well shout it! We might even meet up with them in the second season.

Gabby’s out selling it, “It’s pretty hard to treat it like another game. It’s the Kings versus the Ducks. And more importantly right now, they’re nipping at our heels for the division championship. They might look 10 points back now, but that can drop in a hurry.” (Yes I cleaned up the quote. Not for F-bombs but for syntax.)

Kings are hot having gone 6-1-1 in their last eight games. So get out your measuring sticks. This is exactly the kind of opponent, current Stanley Cup champ and regional rival, where contenders and pretenders are separated.

Coach is absolutely right. Kings are nipping at our heels. This is an opportunity for our Ducks to make a statement. Kings are heating up at the right time just as they did last year. Are we good enough to push them back in our own barn?

It’s never easy. Our guys could be without Ryan Getzlaf. He’ll be a game time decision.

“I think, and I’ve always thought this, that they’re the best team in the league for us to play against. There’s nothing to sway me from thinking that. They’re a challenge and they’re starting to rev it up. It’ll be a real test.”

This is a game in which the winner earns the right to swagger. Two Stanley Cup contenders meeting in the stretch run.

With or without Getz, it’s time for our Ducks to step up and claim in one voice, “Big Bad Ducks are Back!”

This team is more than a slogan of course. These Ducks can win with speed, skill, goaltending, physicality. These Ducks can shut you down, open it up in  shoot out style pond hockey and anything in between.

You need only your rally cap to be ready for this one.

  1. bilverado says:

    With or without Getzlaf, if we play a feel them out game, they will eat our lunch. We need to come out and punch them in the mouth from the get go — every man, 60 minutes nothing less. If Getz can’t go then Perry and Bobby Ryan have to step up. If Bobby is truly tired of being the one who’s name comes up every time there’s a trade rumor, he needs to shine in these moments. Perry looked so-so Friday and Bobby looked oh so slow. Lately they have been the 2nd or 3rd best on the team. If Getz can’t go, they have to be the best. Go Ducks, and let’s hope the refs don’t decide to play a role!!

  2. bbdux93 says:

    One of the things I’ve noticed lately is when a team (like Dallas did) collapses their players around the goal our guys have not been able to lift the puck above them. I don’t think the Kings do that.
    I don’t watch the Kings much, but what’s I have seen is consistent hard – in your face hockey for a full 60 minutes. As bil says – if we don’t match that we’ll loose.
    The lack of intensity in Friday’s game was frustrating and clearly the main reason for the loss. I’m not sure why Perry has not stepped up as he did when Getz was out with a broken face.
    I wish Cogs was bigger. He and Koivu play hard every game & if they were larger we wouldn’t always have to Hope the top line would play up to their abilities.

  3. bc says:

    bilverado and bb are identifying the conundrum of our Ducks. How in the heck a team can be so successful while a third or more of the wins are come from behind. You’d think our guys would have faith, belief sufficient that they can go out and set the tempo and intensity at which the game will be played.
    Our Cup team had it. We called it swagger. Sheldon Souray said recently that we’ve earned the right. Swagger or confidence and trust is the missing ingredient.
    It’s as if there’s a sense that we’ve been more lucky than good. That some guys have over-performed. I get it but don’t understand why the team would believe it. As Bill Parcell’s said, “You are your record.”
    Frankly, this team has another level that they have yet to realize. You never know when the lights suddenly go on. One kid I coached was half a year without a goal until he got 5 in one game. Another never got that first one with me over two seasons but lit it up in his third year. I’m not sure if reaching the next level is 12-18 months away or that we’ll see it as soon as tonight.
    I do know that these Ducks have a Cup in them and not the L.A. Kings, Pittsburgh Penguins or anybody else can keep them from realizing it.
    They need only trust in each other, compete and as Teemu might say, “Play smart hockey and the ketchup will flow.”

  4. bbdux93 says:

    We had belief for long periods of time. I think tonight’s game will reignite that spark – that swagger.

    I watched the game from home and I’m exhausted – great game – lot of intensity – not too many mistakes – lots of passion.

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