Posted: 04/09/2013 by yougetoutwhatyouputin in Uncategorized

Dvorak, 36-year-old right wing scored two goals in a 2-1 victory over the Oilers. The second period was a complete bore. Dvorak has three goals in his first five games since leaving his team in Switzerland and signing with the Ducks as a free agent on March 26. BB has nothing but praises for him…

“You never know. I mean, he’s 36 years old, it’s a shortened season and he’d already signed to play somewhere else,” coach Bruce Boudreau said. “But I know he brings a wealth of experience, he knows how to play in a tight game and he can still skate. The goals are a bonus and tonight they were a super bonus. But we’ll take them.”

I love BBs attitude…

“I remember hearing some people saying at the beginning: ‘Let’s have a good year and maybe make the playoffs if we work hard.’ But from Day 1, I’ve always believed that if you don’t shoot for the moon, you don’t get there,” Boudreau said. “… If you don’t want the whole enchilada, I don’t want you on the team.”

Last night’s victory moves us closer to clinching a playoff spot…looks like a victory over Colorado (Wednesday) and a loss by Dallas would seal the deal. Dallas plays the Kings tonight.

BB scratched defenseman Souray after Souray was banged up per Sundays contest. This coach really takes care of his players…

Eight games to go…


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