Understanding our Ducks, it’s more than luck

Posted: 04/09/2013 by bc in Uncategorized
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Through 40 games corporate media and the blogosphere have proven beyond all doubt that they just don’t get our Ducks. The best they can do at explaining how these Ducks have produced the third best record in the NHL is to rework clichés like great goaltending, timely or depth scoring, coaching and the ever bland, “finding ways to win games.”

Our Ducks have received great goaltending from the tandem of Jonas Hiller and Viktor Fasth. Yes,  we get timely scoring from unexpected sources. Bruce Boudreau is a great coach. We don’t though, keep finding new ways to win games.

You win hockey games by scoring more goals than the opposition. There ain’t no other way to win.

Our Ducks aren’t finding new ways to score goals. Virtually every single goal that is scored, other than EN’s of course, is executed by either screening the goaltender and/or forcing the goalie to move or commit prior to the release of the shot. This is true regardless of where the shot, tip or tap is coming from.

So ignore everything you read about our Ducks, “finding new ways to win.” It’s flat-out bull-pucky.

Our Ducks are winning because they are winning the majority of the one on one battles that occur during a hockey game. They’re winning what’s called the game within the game.

Did you read the Drew Doughty comments following the Kings most recent loss to our Ducks. Doughty was whining and bloviating about how the Kings totally out-played us but they just didn’t get rewarded for their efforts. Doughty, poughty.

Our Ducks are winning because they can win any way the opposition want to play the game. Ducks can grind or free wheel with anybody. What they do better than their opponent on a given night, is that they dominate in the one area of the ice where it matters most, from the end zone face off dots to the end boards in each of the defensive and offensive zones.

This is why a Poughty Doughty can fool himself and others into thinking his Kings outplayed our Ducks. The is why many Red Wings fans will go to their graves believing the Wings outplayed our Ducks in the 2007 WCF.

They don’t get it.

If you want to beat these Ducks you have to beat them around the nets and at the moment of truth. In other words if you can’t execute a near perfect play, at both ends of the rink, you aren’t going to outscore these Ducks.

This is true in both low and high scoring games. It’s true if the opposition elects to grind it out or play a high tempo finesse game. These Ducks win 2-1 and 4-3.

These Ducks aren’t finding new ways to win. These Ducks get ‘er done.

  1. bbdux93 says:

    Some of the bland comments come from interviews with the players after the game – Makes me crazy. When Sean O’Donnell (I do miss him) was interviewed he was articulate and interesting to listen to. As so often happens players are given questions that it seems to imply they are not capable of meaniful or interesting comments…

  2. yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

    Awesome writeup…Poughty Doughty is spot on. How quickly he forgets the conclusion to their tainted cup.

    So what you are saying is we have the ingredients for a solid cup run…As long as we stay healthy I believe we will give the opposition a heck of a battle.

    • bc says:

      Give what the Pens did at the deadline, they are the handicappers’ fave. After Pitt though, it’s anybody’s Cup. Along with injuries U, the other part that concerns me is surviving the West. Whoever wins the West may be too beaten up to win the Cup.

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