Anybody watch the Avalanche game Wednesday night…They were the only Team to show up!

Posted: 04/11/2013 by yougetoutwhatyouputin in Uncategorized

Nothing more to say other than it was a complete shock and I am glad it’s over! A quote from BB and Getz sum it up nicely:

“When we stink, we stink,” Anaheim coach Bruce Boudreau said. “That team was ready to play, and we just had no push-back at all. I don’t know why, after a couple of really strong outings, we come out with a game like that. … It’s a fragile team that we were playing, and if we could come out with a lead after the first period, we’d have them. It just seemed like our guys weren’t ready to play.”

“That’s just an excuse,” Getzlaf said of the Ducks’ schedule. “We’re plenty rested. We’ve only played half a season, too. We got outworked, and we can’t have that happen again in our building. You’re facing a team that has nothing to lose. They’re just coming out and going after it.”

At least we have a couple of days off until Saturday’s game against the Kings at the Staples Center.

BB scratched Dvorak as Getz was back… Dvorak is hot…Should BB have scratched him or someone else? Will he be scratched for the LA Game?

  1. bbdux93 says:

    I was there – 1/2 way through the third told the person next to me – if I were home I’d turn this thing off. It looked like our guys turned it off sooner than that…

  2. bilverado says:

    If I wanted to see an episode of “The Walking Dead” I could have stayed home and watched it on the DVR. The Mighty Mites between periods 1 and 2 looked better than the Ducks. That wasn’t even a half-hearted effort. When Selanne scored an that great pass from Palmieri, I thought they might wake up and actually play hockey—they did for about 45 seconds, before rolling over and going back to sleep. Even worse than the 3rd game against Dallas, which was a real stinker also. Have to agree with Bruce ‘When we stink, we really stink.” Looked like Thursday afternoon at the office before a 4-day weekend.

  3. bilverado says:

    Maybe they thought someone said, “We need a complete effort and need to play 60 seconds of solid hockey,” because that’s about all they did.

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