Ducks lose in OT to the Redirection Wizards

Posted: 04/18/2013 by yougetoutwhatyouputin in Uncategorized

The Jackets deserved the win… they were clearly the hungrier team…IMO the Jackets strategy was to get pucks to the net and look for a redirection. It worked as they scored a pair of goals that way. The way we played this game reminds me of traffic congestion on the 91…stop and go…we were “stop and go” throughout the entire game. Looks like we are waiting for something…

IMO Cogs with Saku line was our best… Cogs sums up the game nicely…

“There were lulls in the game where they took the energy back,” Ducks center Andrew Cogliano said. “That’s the difference on why we’re not winning. We’re letting teams get back into the game.”

BB thoughts…

“They had better scoring chances than us,” “We talked about it between periods, before the game. The desperation. We got a point, but it’s not the point. It’s the playing more complete. We’re not playing complete.” “I’m concerned,” “When you want to win all the time, it’s concerning. We played a good game against L.A., not so good against Dallas, not so good against Colorado, and not so good against these guys. You can’t use fatigue as an excuse. It’s the same for everybody.”

Perhaps this road trip is exactly what the team needs, a chance to bond prior to the playoffs and hopefully obtain some clarity.

  1. bc says:

    u said it, “They were hungrier.” Pretty much how Jackets coach Todd Richards summed it up as well, “I thought we were faster and more tenacious on the puck.”
    Jackets were faster not because they’re faster but because they made the effort.
    Ducks slump is now 14 games and counting.
    Our guys have five games left with four against non-playoff teams to turn this around.

    Ducks success was built on four pillars, (1) exceptional goaltending, (2) physicality, (3) skating, (4) timely scoring. Of late only two, exceptional goaltending and physicality are present in our Ducks’ game.

    • yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

      They are definitely not getting the timely scoring. They need to rekindle the skating they did at the beginning of the season…those were great games to watch.

      As for the BJ, they had at least a dozen redirections…they were just throwing pucks to the net.

      • bc says:

        Putting the puck on or at the opposition net is never a bad play U. Steckel had the best redirection though 😉
        EJ Hradek is saying if the Jackets beat the Kings tonight he’ll get on the bandwagon. Other than “they were hungrier” the Jackets didn’t impress me.
        In the 2nd/3rd between period interview Bobby Ryan said, “They’re ripe for the takin’.”
        We just didn’t step up and take it.
        I really do think our Ducks are much closer to contender than pretender. But man this slump is now approaching 1/3rd of the season.
        It’s not a rut we snap out of. We need somebody to ignite it.

        BTW, is this a great pic or what?

      • yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

        Awesome pic…literally a kid looking up to his idle…

        I hope this road trip gets us going…

  2. ad3fan says:

    I agree with Cogs… they’re letting teams back in the game. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the Ducks play a dominant, full 60 minute game. That and our KDOC broadcasting record this season sucks!

    Do you guys think that BB has mixed up the lines a bit too much to cause this scoring drought?

    Ducks need to skate and use their speed. I was incredibly impressed how they used it against the Kings on that 3rd game they faced each other.

    Just now read that Matt Greene has been off IR… The West is scary.

    • bc says:

      Well, I don’t know that any team is out of it if they’re down by just one goal. I agree with Cogs as well but for a different reason. We’re not going up 2-3 goals and putting the opposition away ad3fan. A one goal lead is tenuous.

      Our Ducks seem to have fallen into the trap of playing to the level of the opposition. Last night, with the exception of a couple of shifts, we were reactive the entire game. We did virtually nothing to establish our game and dominate.

      We’ll see what happens with Vatanen but if he can put together 2-3 games like that, he’ll stick.

      The only mistake I think BB has made of late is going with Lombardi over Dvorak. With Bonino out we’re a bit thin at center, so I get it, but Lombardi hasn’t been effective. Gabby hasn’t been able to create a line around Bobby Ryan but I’m not sure it’s fair to put that on the Coach.

      Suter also said Matt Greene might not get back into the lineup. Kings are very deep on the blue line.

  3. ad3fan says:

    Thanks for the response bc!

    Ducks do have the tendency to play the level of the opposition and BB working hard to have them “peak” at the right time. Hopefully Ducks can find their game and dominate against the non-playoff teams.

    And that was a great pic of Vatanen! I knew he was small, but when I saw him celebrate his first goal standing next to Getz and Pears hahaha!! Ok enough about the height, but that was a great goal!

  4. czhokej says:

    I just came back from my vacation, and I am not really happy about those recent losses. Too tired to comment.

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