Ducks 5-9-1 in last 15 games

Posted: 04/19/2013 by bc in Uncategorized

The longer and deeper a rut lasts the harder it is to break out of it. Athletics is all about repetition. It’s a fact that cuts both ways. The more times you execute poorly or fail to execute, the bad habit reps increase.

Our Ducks bad habits are now at 15 games and counting. That’s a lot of reps.

We’re now past the cliché calls like back to the basics, pay attention to the details and/or do the little things right and the big things will take care of themselves. You don’t cliché yourself out of 15 game long slumps.

One way to break out of slumps this deep is running controlled scrimmages. A controlled scrimmage is one in which Coach blows his whistle every time he sees a teaching moment. These teaching moments usually consist F-bomb littered rips and rants exposing mistakes.

The purpose is a bit of shock and awe that hopefully wakes up the players.

Other answers include skating and puck handling drills executed at or near top speed. The purpose in this is to offset all those bad repetitions the guys are putting into their brains and bodies during games.

It looks as though the team has become very tentative in its play and execution. For inexplicable reasons the guys seem content to sit back and let the opposition dictate and dominate. Playing a counter-attack game is acceptable if there actually a counter-attack.

In the past 4-5 games of this rut we don’t sustain any pressure. We don’t put 3-4 good shifts together in sequence. It could be as simple as that old anal-cranial inversion bug going through the room. The cure for that is simply extracting one’s head from one’s butt and getting back to playing the 40 minutes of aggressive hockey that led to their great start.

Erik Duhatschek suggests our Ducks are just laying in the reeds. In a companion piece Duhatschek opines that Finishing strong no guarantee of playoff success. Each and both are good reads for Ducks fans looking for some logical reason to keep hope alive.

Ducks magic number to clinch its second Division Pennant in franchise history is two. Frankly the way they’re playing they may not get the four points necessary in their remaining four games.

  1. czhokej says:

    It has been discussed here that the Ducks may not be as good as their standing. I hate to say it, but I am not optimistic for the playoffs. I still believe we will win the division title, but watching the game yesterday was painful. We are 5-9-1 in last fifteen games. We scored only 5 goals in last 4 games. Our best players are being outworked, out-hustled by young guys. I do not believe that constant line changes are good anymore. I thing that the players are frustrated with that. It is really difficult to anticipate one’s line-mates moves.

  2. bc says:

    Yeah, we could win the division but we will win because the Kings and Sharks lose and we back in?No self-respecting athlete wants to win that way, cz..
    Did the wheels come off because:
    1. The org’s stated goal was merely to make the playoffs.Once that was achieved did we let up?
    2. Lack of consistency. Our Ducks are either world beaters or losers for long stretches.
    3. Are we focused on the playoffs and not the play in front of us? Are there other distractions that we fans are unaware?

    I’m dumbfounded cz. I haven’t lost faith but man maybe they can turn it on and off like flipping a switch. If that’s true, I just don’t get why they’d ever turn it off.

    • ad3fan says:

      What about injuries? Souray out again for “maintenance”. I haven’t really checked the line up for tonight but Sbisa also still questionable. BB says some of his guys are banged up. We don’t know who and the extent of their “injuries”.

      • bc says:

        Teams keep a lid on injuries, especially so at this time of year. Funny thing about being banged up is that it only hurts during slumps.
        I was thinkin’ Coach would get them on the ice but no. Instead Gabby took ‘e m to a pool hall to get away from the rink.
        as to Luca Sbisa he jsut hasn’t had a good year. Even last year which the media and most the blogs rated as ‘good’, Luca was spot played. This year there was some chatter from more credible sources that Luca might be included in a deal for a quality second line center.
        If Vatanen continues to play well, don’t be surprised if Sbisa finds himself watching from the Press Box.

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