Gossip Girls begin predicting off season moves that will never happen

Posted: 04/22/2013 by bc in Uncategorized
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What does a Gossip Girl do between the Trade Deadline and the off-season? Well if your Lyle Richardson @ Hockey News you begin predicting off-season moves. Ah well, the clarity born of veracity has been absent from his crystal ball long before ‘you can play’ decided to move forward without Sean Avery, its spokesperson.

It’s also what you do when you’re a one trick pony.

Here at BackCheck’s Blog we refer to the “off-season” as the financial season. Teams are looking at cap compliance and internal budgets. The player that movement occurs during the financial season is primarily UFA and RFA signings.

There is no off-season anymore. We have a hockey season that opens mid-September to the Stanley Cup. And a financial season that kicks off with the Entry Draft or first day of free agency, whichever arrives sooner in a calendar year.

BTW, Richardson links other people’s thoughts on Luongo, Montreal, Bozak and Ryan Malone.

As to Loungo, did the NHL inadvertently create a cap circumvention 5-hole  in that a team might re-sign a compliance bought out player? Could the Nucks say buyout Loungo then re-sign him? Or the Lightning Malone? Just askin’.

The good news for Ducks fans is that Bobby Ryan didn’t make the cut. This blogger’s hunch is that if Ryan (1 goal in 15 games and counting) has a poor playoff he’ll be gossip fodder all summer anyway. Gossip Girls will cue up the “Bobby Ryan going the way of Dustin Penner” chatter and Ryan to Flyers, Leafs or team du jour.

After Bonino to Fowler resulted in Fowler’s first goal of the year, maybe every goal slumping Duck should get a shift or two with Bones. Would sure make juggling lines easy.


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