Gabby on slump, playoff goalie, next two games

Posted: 04/24/2013 by bc in Uncategorized
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Via Ducks Audio

Just the facts Ma’am highlights:

Coach said it was very difficult to motivate the team during the slump because of their position in the standings. The idea settled in that they weren’t catching Chicago and had too big a lead on the teams behind them.
Given how quickly they turned it around when the Kings reached striking distance, Gabby might be right.
I don’t think anybody ever knows what causes slumps. You’re sure glad when it’s over though.

Teemu has the night off against Vancouver and may or may not take it. Coach said “some of our high-profile guys will sit out.” Bobby Ryan, who’s dropped some weight with the flu, is expected to go Saturday in the season finale.I don’t know what Vancouver will do but teams tend to give out games off after wining their division.

As to who will be playoff goalie, Coach seemed to indicate that he will go with the hot hand. Hiller is the likely starter but that too is subject to change. Hilly draws the Canucks. Fasth the Coyotes. The rotation would go back to Hiller to start the playoffs.
Worthy of note, Boudreau said that the goalies are very supportive of each other and more importantly, Coach thinks it’s genuine.

Notes: Ducks also have a logjam of players competing for spots on the fourth line. Steckel will center ahead of Matthew Lombardi. Etem, Belleskey, Dvorak and Staubitz battle for the wingman spots.
Luca Sbisa is the odd man out on the blue line.  As he did earlier in the season for Cam Fowler, Bryan Allen is providing a stay@home steadying influence allowing Sami Vatanen to play a little rover D. Don’t look for Vatanen to come out unless he slumps badly.


  1. czhokej says:

    Sbisa is still injured, and even though Vatanen shoots better, skates well, and his stats look very good, I believe Sbisa is more dependable D, stronger and more physical. I am afraid that Vatanen could be easily pushed aside in front of the goal. Playoffs will be brutal. Look for example how Dustin Brown, Matt Martin, David Backes and Luke Schenn play. Some of these guys have shoulders at the height of Vatanen’s face. I would like to see Steckel, Etem and Dvorak together, but Dvorak needs to use his body much more.
    It is said that now it looks like that our hero Teemu (one of my favorite players of all time) is the weak link. I did want him to retire last year….

    • bc says:

      Sbisa should be cz, given his size, experience and skill set. His inconsistency is the concern.

      Teemu can still will himself onto the hi-lite reel and 3 stars selection. He probably will a time or two before the season and playoff is done.

      Good eye on Dvorak cz. Would you give up the offense and play Belleskey ahead of him?

  2. czhokej says:

    There must have been some disagreement between the coaching staff and the players about constant shuffling of the line combos (?).
    I myself considered it to be almost crazy.

    • bc says:

      Did you play in the 5 man unit system cz? I never experienced it.

      • czhokej says:

        Not a five man unit, but I played often with my close friend, and I almost always knew where he would go or what he would do. I did not have to look.

      • bc says:

        The longest I remember playing with one guy was maybe 100 or so games over 3 seasons. Even then I don’t remember a third guy lasting more than 10-15 games with us. We changed line mates like the Kardashians change husbands.
        Every coach talks about rolling 4 lines but having the horses to do that is the exception rather than rule.
        I hear what you’re sayin’ cz and agree 100%. You want to play the game lay on an instinctive rather than a thoughtful level.
        Familiarity with your line mates lends itself to instinctive play as well. Still, that level of familiarity is the exception rather than the rule.

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