Ducks win 3-1 over an overconfident Canucks team?

Posted: 04/26/2013 by yougetoutwhatyouputin in Uncategorized

With the Pacific Division title wrapped up and the second seed in the playoffs secured this was a meaningless game. BB decided to rest Teemu, Koivu, and Getz. Ryan was out ill. It appeared the Canucks were anticipating a blow out. However, they quickly woke up when we outshot them 25-9 after two periods and down 2-0…Talk about underestimating your opponent… goals by Beleskey and Staubitz. Cogs scored the third goal into an empty net late in the third period.

Ducks team thoughts of the game:

“It was nice to get in the game, get some playing time,” said Staubitz, who scored his first goal of the season after sitting out 11 of the Ducks’ last 13 games.

BB said:

“Our guys played pretty hard but that’s what usually happens if you look at history,” he said. “The young guys come up from the American Hockey League and overachieve. The other team usually, for at least a period or two, says, ‘oh, look who they’ve got. They don’t have this guy and this guy,’ and they don’t focus as well. I think that’s what happened a little bit.”

Canucks team thoughts of the game:

Vigneault : “Basically, we weren’t very good in the first two periods. They outworked us. They were first to the puck and, obviously, winning a lot more battles. In the third, we had a little bit more jump than they did. (It was a) closer game, but it wasn’t good enough tonight — without a doubt.

“I don’t want to make excuses for the group,” said Luongo. “We’re all professionals, and we know the intensity we need to be successful and we saw that in the third when we were playing our game. We completely dominated the play.”

We can all relate as our team has played half to a third of the time countless games…However, overall good work boys!

  1. czhokej says:

    We played well first two periods, as you said. However in the third, we were most of the time under pressure in our defensive zone. Hiller was again excellent, but almost every Ducks player deserves a praise.

  2. bc says:

    We were structurally and positionally sound throughout. Most important we established the tempo and intensity from the opening. It was the ‘Nucks who couldn’t rise to our level. That is huge gong into the second season.
    As cz notes we got pushed back on our heels in the third but we still defended the lead. I wish I could ‘splain it but can’t. Sometimes at various points in a game the mo’ will change hands and one side seems content to let the other play aggressively.
    Luckily when we countered successfully Andrew Cogliano found the empty net in this game 😉
    This was the exactly the kind of game I wanted us to play. A scrappy shut down type of win.

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