Duncan Keith Media Award

Posted: 04/30/2013 by bc in Uncategorized
Given to the reporter or media organization that most exemplifies nonsense by asking profoundly stupid questions or making idiotic statements.

Today’s Weiner: ESPN NHL Local News

Can anyone ‘splain why half of the stories on the ESPN NHL Local News page are about the death of rapper Chris Kelly? It’s like I always go to the sports page for music news.


Yesterday’s Weiner: Scott Burnside, ESPN.com

Whatever the perception is, or the reality, for that matter, the fact is an independent analysis of calls made on the ice still puts the NHL at about 90 percent efficiency — 

When the Great State of Illinois found that it got it wrong 10% of the time, they put a moratorium on the death penalty.


Previous Day Winner: L.A. Times Lisa Dillman for

Among the things Ms. Dillman thinks the Red Wings must do to win Round 1 is,

facilitate successful on-the-spot initiations for defensemen Brendan Smith, JakubKindl and Danny DeKeyser

Could be Lisa had just left a speed dating session and had something else on her mind.

  1. yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

    Love the Duncan Keith Media Award, LOL!…As for the blurb on the Ducks Wing series…That is just sad…less is better in most cases…LOL!

    • bc says:

      We’ll keep it up through the playoffs. Jeez though, I read it once and went huh? Read it again “facilitate…….initiations” What the heck is that about, eh? Initiate what, a first pass, a breakout, contact? And how do you facilitate? Yell at your teammate to pick up his check?

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