Transitioning out of a bad luck game

Posted: 05/07/2013 by bc in Uncategorized
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Our Ducks lost what turned out to be a game of bounces. Games like that stay with you and you replay your own part over in your mind looking for that one that one thing you might have done differently.

As a player you know that you’re not supposed to do this but you can’t change your programming either. What you don’t deal with consciously is pushed into your subconscious. Besides, we all know we learn more from our mistakes than our successes in life.

You think Perry doesn’t want a shot or two back? Or Getz his breakaway? That Palmieri isn’t seeing the knob of Howard’s stick? Or why when Etem successfully drew Howard off the post and again went short side did he ring it off the metal? is it the difference between his forehand and backhand?

So you focus. Not in a self-incriminating way. That truly is destructive. You do it in a clear, objective way searching for the what if I had done something else instead. You ask yourself if you had options.

Sometime today our Ducks will awake in the familiar surroundings of their own beds. Each guy will begin the process of getting ready for Wednesday. The truly pivotal 5th game. Each guy will bring a quiet determination to seize the moment.

A coach does the same thing but he looks at the big picture. Some of the questions Gabby will ask himself are, why did we stop pushing and try to nurse a 1 goal lead? You know the 46 shots were mostly from the low shooting percentage areas of the perimeter. For the most part you know your guys defended well.

Toward the end of this process, coach and player find themselves on the same page. The player knows what’s coming. Lots of puck handling and skill work at practice.

It doesn’t matter how many games or how many series you’ve been through. You never know if you can successfully execute a play and finish a team off until you’ve beaten them.

If not for a couple of fortuitous OT bounces, the proverbial fat lady would have closed the show on these Red Wings last night. There’s no question that our Ducks are the better of the two teams in this series. The only question is are they better enough to prove it.

  1. yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

    Keys to wining in the playoffs is simple…we need to want it, we need to have resolve and we need to be mentally strong. We did not skate for 60 minutes…more like 20 minutes. Detroit was looking to score garbage goals on deflections from anyone or anything hence the countless shots. Our defense needs to block those shots, period! I agree that the bounces went to the Wings and lady luck was not on our side however, we did not want it bad enough as we failed to do the little things.

    Our Fortune 500 players need to step-up and earn their checks and light up Howard…we need to take it to them. Our Ducks understand what needs to happen to close out the Wings, the question is do they want to pay the physical price!

    I would consider benching Sbisa and inserting Vatanen as he looks out of shape. I hope Lydman is good for Wednesday.

    • bc says:

      If it were simple we’d all have our name on the Cup 😉

      • yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

        Perhaps not that simple, at least not for me as I don’t have that God given talent to play at this level. They have the tools but are they willing to pay the physical price? It is a hefty price to pay and perhaps we ask to much of our athletes as blocking shots is not fun task and may cause a career ending/changing injury.

      • bc says:

        I was just pulling your leg a little U. We blocked 21 shots last night. Wings directed 80 toward the goal and 46 found the mark. Our guys were outhit 38-26. For long stretches during the game we didn’t skate with the Wings. But even then we didn’t blow the coverage and structure. Wings first and third goals were flukes. Datsyuk turned Sbisa inside out and launched a rocket that went straight in for the Detroit’s second goal. There’s a fair criticism of HIller for backing in too deep on Datsyuk’s goal. Sbisa was a passenger on third goal. In the play but inconsequential. As to their desire to be in the NHL, you can ask anything legal of those guys and they’ll do it. Some things asked of them is felonious if not for the protection society affords sport. I never played in the NHL but I did play with many of their way up and on their way out. Those guys are all about sacrifice. People who play with the fear of a career ending injury don’t make it off the pond. My point on the game U is that it’s possible to be good but good doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re successful. Both teams were good,. Wings were lucky.

      • yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

        It seems to me at times that we don’t play with the necessary intensity to win. If I see that the team is giving 100% and we are still unsuccessful I would be OK with the loss. I have seen them play better and complete…

  2. bc says:

    So what do I know? Not much apparently. Per a Dan Wood Tweet, today’s skate was optional. Thought for sure Coach would have put them through confidence building skill drills.

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