Getzlaf and depth players put us on the verge with a 3-2 OT victory!

Posted: 05/09/2013 by yougetoutwhatyouputin in Uncategorized

What can you not say about Getzlaf…his leadership is evident on and off the ice and the team has mutual respect. His composure with the puck reminds me of Niedermayer. The penalty he drew to kill the major was the turning point of the game. Great work Getz!

Our depth players have definitely stepped up throughout the series. They are making it hard for Detroit to defend against as they are preoccupied with neutralizing our 1st and 2nd lines. Great work guys!

Hiller continues to give us a chance…I hope Perry and Ryan find the back of net soon because I don’t think I can handle another nail biter.

Quotes from the game:

He’s a great opportunist,” Anaheim coach Bruce Boudreau said of Bonino, a former NCAA champion at Boston University. “He comes up with big goals. He’s just that kind of guy.”

“He stepped up and settled all the guys down and made us confident that it was our game and we were going to go out [there] and play our best,” said Kyle Palmieri about Getzlaf, whose first-period goal through a mass of bodies erased an early Red Wings lead. “It was an incredible game and it was a lot of fun to be part of.”

“To watch that guy — the way he plays, the way he battles, the way he carries himself, he’s won before and it’s showing in these games,” Ducks defenseman Bryan Allen said about Getzlaf. “His composure and leadership are great.”

“We finally found a way to score in overtime,” Hiller said. “They’re a good opponent, and they keep pushing us. We have to find a way to be our best every night.”

“We really took over at times, but I thought we could have been better,” Detroit coach Mike Babcock said. “There’s a lot of things you can look at. The bottom line … we hit three posts tonight, and it didn’t go in.”

We had some chances to get the job done, and we didn’t,” Detroit defenceman Niklas Kronwall said. “There’s not a lot of room out there. They had a lot of good chances, and we let it happen. We have to find a way to get the job done on defence.”

Let’s bring our A game Friday and seal the deal!

  1. bbdux93 says:

    I seem to always look at what I see as the flaws in a game – not so much for what was done right. I’ve been spoiled by some games in which our guys played with intensity and control. For me last nights’ game – though with a positive outcome – lacked intensity. During the regular season in games against at least the Black Hawks, Wings & Kings we showed we have the ability to play both. Why we don’t always do that is hard for me to understand.

    • yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

      I agree…Hiller’s quote says it all…”We have to find a way to be our best every night”…Looks like they are aware of the issues.

  2. czhokej says:

    I am the same as bb – very critical, looking for things which should improve. Even with Getzy – yes he matured, yes he speaks better, he doesn’t miss too many passes, he defends much better and backchecks, he shoots the puck, he goes to prime scoring areas (from time to time), and he scored the very important goal last night, But somehow I feel it’s not enough (for his talent and for his linemates). Cycling the puck without a shot is just a waste of time. Quite often our third and fourth lines played smarter hockey.
    Another thing: too often we chase the puck, and Detroit plays more puck possession game, with crisp passes, which gives them the advantage. And we cannot play with full intensity for 60 minutes.

    • yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

      Getz is developing nicely into the Captain we need…perhaps Neds is mentoring him. This has been a great year for him. As for the lack of 60 minutes of team effort…no explanation except the opponents effectiveness of shutting down are top two lines. If our depth players continue to produce as they have it will become very difficult for teams to defend against.

  3. bc says:

    U said it. Getzlaf is the leader on this team. I was really disappointed that he didn’t get a Hart nomination. Honestly, I didn’t think he had this in him. I thought he would never change his goal of becoming another Jumbo Joe Thornton. The difference is that instead of being primarily a playmaker, Getzlaf is genuinely a franchise player.
    As Brian Burke said, “He can be as good as he wants to be.” It’s good for us that Getz decided to become that complete hockey player most of us have always known he had in him.
    Right now, I wouldn’t trade Ryan Getzlaf for Sid Crosby or anybody else straight up. He is currently and has been in this lock out season, the single most dominant player in the game. Others, Crosby and Ovechkin to name two, have had better streaks. But nobody has been consistently more dominant the Captain.

    If Getzy could just win a face off 😉 nobody would even get a stick on the puck when he’s out there.

    Our depth guys have scored 7 of the club’s 16 goals thus far in the series. That’s 43% of our scoring. As Teemu says, “A one line team isn’t going anywhere. Two scoring lines will get you into the playoffs. Teams with three scoring lines win championships.”

    If somebody asked you a week ago, “Could we beat Detroit if Bobby Ryan and Teemu Selanne score one goal apiece and Corey Perry doesn’t score any?” You might have said, “Only if Getz and depth guys come through” and that’s exactly what has happened.

    And now a rant….

    So many times during these playoffs I’ve read, even from so-called experts that a team lost because of some character issue. Most common among these knee jerk excuses is that “The losing team didn’t want it enough” or “They didn’t try hard enough” or the all-purpose “They didn’t show up.”
    Frankly, these common cliches are used by people who don’t understand the game. A guy has better chance of winning Powerball than he does of playing in the NHL. Even a top junior or elite college player has less than a 5% chance of making the NHL. We’re talking the elite of the elite. Quitters don’t rise to the NHL.
    What does happen during the course of a game is that tactics change. For example, last night our Ducks recorded 20 hits in the first period and just 32 for the entire game. I don’t quite know why we quit hitting. I do know that we did though. It may have been that the Wings elevated the tempo to the point where we were chasing them rather than getting in on top of them. This could also mean we weren’t positioned appropriately. It may have been that we tried to finesse our way to a win because hitting wasn’t working against them on this night. The first period ended in a tie and we took a couple of goalie interference penalties for our aggressiveness.
    The point of this rant is that there are very practical game related reasons for what might appear as indifference.
    Maybe too, I’m spending way too much time on Twitter and on the media and should probably watch a game or two at the rink or at least with the sound muted.

  4. yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

    Good points…I have forgotten how fast the game has become and how quickly it changes…I can only image at this level with such little room for error. So i guess it comes down to how effective the opponent is in shutting us down and how prepared we are to respond.

  5. czhokej says:

    Now, when I think about it and what I have said about Getzlaf, I have forgotten his FO performance, as pointed out by bc. Getzlaf playoffsFO% was only 30.8. That’s why our top line is not too effective, because they do not get the puck. And another problem – Perry and Ryan. Sometimes I don’t notice them on the ice. Perry 1 assist in the postseason (?). We need him to score.

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