Ducks hockey season ends, financial season begins

Posted: 05/15/2013 by bc in Uncategorized

The guys have each had their exit interview with the coaching staff. The lockers are cleaned out and the 2013 season is history. For the most part it is filled with fond and exciting memories.

There’s no denying the first round playoff ouster is a shock. Teemu Selanne said it best, “….we didn’t leave everything out there.”  The idea that they had more at the end is galling to some. As Teemu called it. that sense of “unfinished business” will haunt us all summer.

Coach added, “We should have beaten Detroit because (I thought) we were the better team.” He’s right but sometimes the better team doesn’t always win. Sometimes the smarter team wins. Sometimes technicians do beat motivators. This was a victory of x & o’s execution over a team wide inability to execute its game plan.
As Bob Murray said, “They schooled us.”

As always happens after the playoffs teams release their injury reports. Francois Beauchemin played the last month on a torn ACL. Ryan Getzlaf had a nagging ankle injury he picked up April 3rd against Dallas. Toni Lydman has been diagnosed with a concussion. Though Toni said he’s fine away away from the rink already. Cam Fowler and Kyle Palmieri played through shoulder injuries, that won’t require surgery. Viktor Fasth backed up Jonas Hiller with a lower abdominal strain.
Nick Bonino‘s unreported ailment that kept him out for a month was a torn (ouch) hamstring. I don’t add that ‘ouch’ lightly, torn hams don’t just hurt, it burns.

Everybody, including Beauchemin is expected to be ready for the start of next season.

The last day of the hockey season is past. The first day of the financial season is here.

Some are reading Teemu’s “unfinished business” comment as indicative that he will return. Don’t be so quick. While Bob Murray said he felt that Flash missed his new center Nick Bonino and attributed Bones injury to Selanne’s reduced TOI, I don’t buy it. Teemu also lost his spot on the 1st unit power play.

The GM, the Coach and the Captain each said they want both Teemu Selanne and Saku Koivu back. I heard Gabby say he wants all his Finns back, obviously including Toni Lydman.

Looking ahead to next season, GM of the Year nominee Bob Murray vowed that the team won’t be back as it is. Murray intends to make this team tougher, lamenting that nobody answered Stoll’s hit on Fowler and Abdlekader’s hit on Lydman.

This won’t be an easy task as, per CapGeek the team has just about $4.8m in cap space. It just isn’t won’t be enough to spread around if Koivu, and Selanne return. Ben Lovejoy, David Steckell are UFA’s who are deserving of raises. Kyle Palmieri, Matt Beleskey become RFA’s deserving raises.

Murray’s goal of getting tougher can only come if we lose more salary. This goal could make a guy like Andrew Cogliano $2.4m available. Pending UFA’s  Raffi Torres and Matt Cooke, who know who to target and how to do it, currently get near $1.8m and will probably get raises.

Many are suggesting that Jonas Hiller and his $4.5m will be moved but I don’t buy into that one at all. It’s more likely Murray and Dave McNab will look for a compliance buyout. The problem with a compliance buyouts is that the likely candidates are also our tougher guys on the blue line.

Another salary that might be shed is to give up on Luca Sbisa and move his $2.1m cap hit.

One clue to what GM Bob Murray and our Ducks brain trust is whatever happens July 7  when this year’s UFA’s become available. If we sign a Torres or Cooke look for a few salary dump changes during the summer. If not, we could get tougher by trade or the job will fall to the younger guys coming in like Pat Maroon and/or Devante Smith-Pelly.

  1. bbdux93 says:

    I have to look past the loss and on to hope for the future.
    For me, from the start of this season until the end, its’ been filled with many amazing highs – to the final and almost unbelievable low. That we should have advanced and couldn’t will haunt fans like me for awhile yet.
    Maybe watching how mgmt takes the team forward will help to put this behind us and soften the pain of almost getting “there”. I’m glad I’m not part of the group that has to make these decisions.

    • bc says:

      My main concern is that we will sacrifice too much speed in the process bb. If we go the UFA route, Cooke is quick but Torres is not a great skater. We will be much slower down the middle without Saku Koivu. Neither Maroon or Smith-Pelly have the wheels of the Finnish Flash and/or Andrew Cogliano. OTOH, a checking line Steckel-Winnick-Beleskey is much closer to the traditional physical type of checking line many like to see. Etem and Palmieiri need top six TOI if they are to continue to grow and produce.

      Right now I’m envisioning something along these lines:

      Getzlaf-Palmieri-Perry Bonino-Ryan-Etem Steckel-Winnick-Beleskey Holland or Rakell-Maroon-Cogliano

      The above would make Steckel as our primary face-off option.

      On the blue line, maybe Sami Vatanen and/or Hampus Lindholm don’t make the team out of camp but one or both could well earn top six minutes before the season ends. Especially if we let Lydman walk and Sbisa stays stuck on stupid. There were times last season when pairing Souray with Vatanen was quite effective. Lindholm reminds me a bit of Matty Norstrom who arrived in NY as a highly touted offensive minded, puck moving D-man but made his living as a stay@home, match-up D-man in the NHL.

  2. yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

    Should be interesting to see what Murray pulls out of his hat and how BB responds to our early exit.

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