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Former Ducks GM Bryan Murray believes he’s on the cusp of building another Stanley Cup contender. He helped lay the foundation for the 90 ‘s and beyond Red Wings,  guided the Panthers and our Ducks from new franchise to the Stanley Cup Final. Today at age 70 Bryan Murray is looking to raise the Ottawa Senators from pretender to contender.

Sizing up 2013 Murray told the Canadian Press, “The only disappointing thing about this year is that we never found out how good we really were.”

The Senators lost Jason Spezza for 43 games, Erik Karlsson 31, Craig Anderson 24, Jared Cowan 41. Comparably that be our Ducks playing without Ryan Getzlaf, Cam Fowler, Jonas Hiller and Francois Beauchemin.

Murray is looking to add scoring and Ottawa Sun columnist and GM wannabe Bruce Garrioch suggested Bobby Ryan.

The respective GM’s do have a trading history. It is also one that should scare the beejeebers out of Ducks fans. While GM in Detroit Bryan Murray sent Anders Eriksson to Bob Murray’s Chicago Blackhawks for Chris Chelios. Not one of Bob Murray’s better days at the office, no?

It is very unusual when teams on the cusp of becoming Cup contenders are also good trading partners. The reason is that both teams are looking to add to their roster without giving up roster players.

Bryan Murray admitted as much noting, “If there’s a deal to be made at some point during the summer I have to take a hard look at it. If it means doing a couple of things, trading a young player or two I’ve got to be open-minded to do that to try to make this team better.”

Ducks aren’t looking for young players who can help a year or two down the road.

The summer crop of Trading Bobby Ryan rumors stems from the fact that our Ducks have cap issues.

Per CapGeek.com our Ducks have $4.8M in available cap space for 2013-14. That number doesn’t include signing any of the projected UFA’s or RFA’s. The pending roster UFA’s include, Teemu Selanne, Saku Koivu, David Steckel, Matthew Lombardi, Radek Dvorak, Toni Lydman and Ben Lovejoy. Our RFA’s are Kyle Palmieri and Matt Beleskey.

It should be just enough to bring back Steckel, Lovejoy, Palmieri and Beleskey.

Isn’t that amazing. Just months after re-hiring Brian Burke our Ducks are cap challenged all of a sudden.

In a summer when we’re likely losing 40 goals with the pending departures of Selanne, Koivu and Radek Dvorak, trading Bobby Ryan for cap compliance makes no sense at all. Even for a guy who traded Chris Chelios for Anders Eriksson.

  1. bilverado says:

    But where does Bobby Ryan fit? He seems at times the “odd man out” on the Getzlaf-Perry line, which becomes slow and cumbersome when he’s there. He never really meshed on a second line with Teemu and whoever centered. He hasn’t worked at center and is paid too much to be a third or fourth line guy. There is a lot of scoring talent there, but it comes in streaks with lots of down time in between. This year he seemed slower and disinterested a lot of the time. Not saying he should be traded, but he seems like a guy in need of a breath of fresh air.

    • bc says:

      Those are excellent points bilverado and a great question. Given all the continued experiments it seemed as though BB was continually looking for where Bobby Ryan fit. Maybe we should turn the questions around a bit though. Maybe we start with what do our Ducks need to do to get the most out of Bobby Ryan. He hasn’t quite worked with The Twins because they need a mucker. A guy who can pull the biscuit out of the scrums and off the boards and get it to Getz or to the net for Perry. Any of Palmieri, Beleskey or even DSP is better suited for that rule. While consistency is always an issue, Ryan has had success alongside Saku Koivu. He didn’t get it going early in the season with Bones & Flash but he was also doing the unrecognized heavy lifting while Teemu found the open area and Bonino fed Flash the biscuit.

      If we’re going to build a line around Bobby Ryan, he has to be the finisher or at minimum, the first option. Bonino is likely to start the season with Ryan on his LW and either Teemu or Emerson Etem on his right. Last season Selanne was the first option. Will Etem be next? If so, maybe we can’t find a spot for Bobby Ryan.

      More than his line mates, I think his reduced TOI was the most important factor in his reduced production and longer slumps. That’s just my 2 cents though.

  2. bigducksfan says:

    Sorry BC, Capgeek for me is showing a 4.8m surplus for next year before UFA/RFA signings.

    Anaheim Ducks » $56,952,500 $63,367,500 $3,950,000 $4,882,500 24

    What am I missing?

    • bc says:

      Look at the next column under 2013-14. But you’re right I did make a mistake. We’re actually $936,500k under the cap right now, not $67.5k over as initially posted. Thanks for making me double-check bigducksfan.

      • bc says:

        OMG!!! I checked it again whn I came back to add the link to the above post. BigDucksFan is totally right. No excuses, no apologies. I made a mistake and repeated it!

        Thank you BigDucksFan. You might have a career as an editor or fact checker ahead of you 🙂

        Now I’ll go fix that mistake for a second time. Jeez, what a day.

        hey BigDucksFan, would you mind confirming I got it right this time.

      • bigducksfan says:

        No problem, I just didn’t know if you adding some secret hockey factor I didn’t know about. Lovejoy impressed me this year, I consider him an over-achiever, and I hope we can land him at a bargain. I hope we don’t lose Beleskey, he really proved himself this year and he’s got homegrown heart and fire that the Ducks and their fans need. Saku showed me this season that he has a lot left in the tank, though of course we can’t afford him unless there’s a big transaction. Steckel…I would pay him $1m+ just to take face-offs, especially Saku goes.

        Of course, what’s Teemu gonna do and the ducks gonna do if Teemu does(3 times fast :)) is still a question I can’t answer subjectively salary wise.

        Keep up the great words, I don’t often respond but I do stop every by everyday during hockey season.

      • bc says:

        The only secret hockey factor is the duh I got all over myself yesterday.

        You could be right about the Rev. Lovejoy. He might have overachieved last season. Then again he might just be one of those guys who blossoms in the right situation. When he arrived here for a 5th round pick in the 2014 Entry Draft, Coach Bob Wood took him aside and told him, “Just go out there and play your game. If you make a mistake, you’re going to go out the next shift even if you do make a mistake.” In Pittsburgh, when the Rev. made a mistake he paid for it in reduced TOI. That’s just one example of the carrot instead of the stick approach that Gabby brought to Anaheim. Eric Stephens reported yesterday that we are working on a contract extension with Lovejoy.

        The carrot doesn’t work with everybody. Look at Bobby Ryan. Coach Carlyle treated him like he was a P.O.S. RC even called him “Sh#thead” instead of by his name or number for the first few years. BB comes to town, shows Silver some respect and he responds by having his worst season as a pro. Freakin’ human beings, eh. Very confusing animals.

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