Recent Four Cup Winners Reach NHL’s Final Four

Posted: 05/31/2013 by bc in Uncategorized
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You don’t need any more evidence than that to know the NHL’s best teams have arrived in the Conference finals. The last time the four most recent Cup winners met in the semi-finals was 1945. Just to give this stat some perspective, the first NHL game ever to be televised occurred on October 11, 1952. Gordie Howe, Wayne Gretzky’s fave player, would enter the NHL a year after the NHL’s four most recent Cup winners met in the semi-finals.

The Second World War was ending and the Cold War, which ended 24 years ago now, was just beginning. Mankind would not venture into space for another sixteen years. In 1945, a generation of women left the workforce to become homemakers.

And pro hockey, like baseball, was pretty much the same game we enjoy today.

The more things change the more they stay the same. These Conference finals are a very special moment in hockey history. We might even see the quality rival the Olympic medal rounds.

In the West, Chicago and Los Angeles are very evenly matched until you get  between the pipes. Jonathon Quick is the best goaltender of our time. For two consecutive seasons Quick has found a way to keep the Kings competitive until they find a way to win.

In the East it’s all about the match-ups. Crosby/Malkin v. Bergeron/Chara. My guess is that Bergeron will lineup opposite Malkin. Chara will be going over the boards whenever Sidney Crosby steps out onto the ice.

The odds makers are favoring the offensive powerhouses, Pittsburgh and Chicago. I’m not a betting man per se, but defense usually trumps offense.

Regardless of who wins, we are about to be treated to some of the best hockey played in 68 years. Enjoy.

  1. czhokej says:

    I must say that these teams are good and they play an exciting hockey. They work hard, they skate well, and show a high level of skills. Nothing is guaranteed for any of them. And both will be very close series. I favor Chicago, but the Kings will be better at home. I thought Pittsburgh was a stronger team, but the Bruins with Chara matched them well. Amazing positioning by both winners – Boston and Chicago. The Hawks play very well defensively, they are well organized and with disciplined. When attacking, the puck carrier can always find somebody open to receive the pass.

    • bc says:

      Saw most of Blackhawks/Kings game and I was so impressed by the speed at which they execute. Chicago seems to have found another gear. I’m knocked out by the speed cz. I have no memory of seeing a game played at this tempo.

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