Ducks Season Recap

Posted: 06/03/2013 by bc in Uncategorized

PRIME has begun airing its 30 minute annual season recap show. It was basically a Q&A with Ducks color commentator Brian Hayward.

Biggest need: It’s still that elusive second line center. Hazy didn’t mention Nick Bonino but did talk about the need to find a center who can play with Bobby Ryan.

On Teemu Selanne: Hazy noted that Teemu will have to accept a reduced role next season. If he returns it will be as a 3rd line player. Bobby Ryan is likely to replace Flash on the first PP unit.

Surprise player: Patrick Maroon will be on a one way contract. Hazy is looking for Maroon to eventually settle in alongside Getzlaf and Perry on the top line.

Defense: Sami Vatanen will be given every opportunity to make the show at camp. Ducks are also looking for Cam Fowler to have his breakthrough year 2013-14.

Saku Koivu: Hazy repeated Murray’ words that the GM would like him back but also added that it will be in a reduced role as the 3rd line center. He also mentioned that he didn’t think Koivu is interested in going elsewhere.

Goaltending: A real strength of our Ducks. Nothing new here though. Hazy sees Hiller and Fasth competing/sharing #1 duty with John Gibson turning pro in Norfolk.

The core going forward: Ryan Getzlaf will be counted on to continue at the level he established last season. Bobby Ryan will be looked to bounce-back from an off-season. I don’t recall Hazy mentioning Corey Perry but we need more from him as well.

Overall: Brian Hayward said our Ducks didn’t need much outside of a second line center who can play with Bobby Ryan. Bonino, Holland and Rakell will get that opportunity in camp.

  1. bilverado says:

    I was wondering about the second line center comment myself. It would seem we already have one in Bonino, especially if he can play up to the level he played the few games back.

    I love Selanne and if he can play at the right level, or take a reduced role, or even take games off, it might work. Before, I hoped he’d return because we didn’t have anyone else with the potential to pick up his scoring. With Etem and Palmieri, and if Cogliano can match last season’s output, There’s some potential there that leads me to think it may be time to go with a youth movement.

    Maroon with Getz and Perry might bring back memories of Getz-Perry-Penner’s success during the Cup seaso But Getz has to continue with his 2013 incarnation, and Perry will have to come back to a level closer to what we’ve come to expect of him.

    I know it would have been a pressure situation and that we had Souray, who had performed well during the regular season, bt I had kind oped we might see Vatanen during the playoffs. His speed might have made a difference against the Red Wings.

    I loved the Saku-Winnick-Cogs line. They appeared during the playoffs to be one gal away from really breaking loose, but just couldn’t get the puck in the net. Opportunities galore, but nothing to show for it. Durig the Detroit series, they did everything but get the puck in the net. Not sure we have a center in the pipeline to replace him, or who’s available in free agency?

    I wonder if there’s any chance of trading Hiller (last year of his contract?) for a missing piece and bringing Gibson up?

    Just curious, but what characteristics in a center “to play with Bobby Ryan” do we need to see?

    • bc says:

      That was an enjoyable read bilverado. You really do a nice job of walking the line between what all Ducks fan what in our hearts, Forever Teemu, and reality. The reality is that Emerson Etem had moved up the depth chart in terms of TOI. We’re overdue in giving Bobby Ryan quality PP time. Next season BB will look at his roster and decide between Andrew Cogliano, who plays top nine and PK or Teemu Selanne who lays top nine and can spot play on the PP.

      Like you, I like Nick Bonino alongside Bobby Ryan. If Teemu retires Ryan will assume some of Teemu’s role. The finisher who finds a shooting lane. Ryan is very adapt at attacking the net from a range of within 30 feet. If EE is on the opposite wing, providing the wheels and the threat from the neutral zone, the combination of skill sets could work nicely.

      There’s no point even discussing UFA’s because we simply don’t have the cap room to bring in a Mike Ribiero, Patrik Elias or even a Tyler Bozak. As it is we’re going to ask Saku Koivu to take a 50% pay cut.

      Management is facing some very tough tests and even tougher decisions this summer.

  2. czhokej says:

    Very good post and intelligent comments. What about our coaching gentlemen?

    • bc says:

      Bruce Boudreau to Randy Carlyle is as day is to night. BB distributes TOI and uses his bench. RC rode his best players. BB is much more of a puck possession than a puck management. Under RC we played out from the safe areas, from the boards and corners in. With BB we play more of a center lane or inside dominate game. We have fewer set plays under BB than with RC, particularly in the offensive zone. BB is more focused on the detail while RC was looking for the guys to execute a system. Last but not least, BB practices trust and positive reinforcement. For all of the aforementioned I’m a BB type guy. Having said all that, two of our key core guys, Perry & Ryan had more success under RC than BB. OTOH, our depth guys are much improved and enjoying far more success under BB than RC. Is the difference due to the change in TOI? Is it because some guys respond better to the carrot than the stick and the correlation to TOI is just coincidence? So far at least we ‘d have to consider BB’s goal of building a line around Bobby Ryan a failure. That’s something RC never really attempted. Until our Ducks have more playoff success BB will be cast as the great season, poor playoff coach. I think the difference had more to do with our guys becoming stationary rathan skating. But we’ll see. BB’s story is still incomplete.

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