Backchecking with: Bob Murray on trades

Posted: 06/30/2013 by bc in Uncategorized
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Via Anaheim

On trade discussions,
There wasn’t a lot of talk today. The last couple of days leading up to the draft, there was a lot of rumors circulating and I followed up, because I was interested in certain players if they were available, and I had to find out what the asking price was.

One of those rumors included Nucks D-man Alexander Edler. I infer Edler came off the market as Murray noted Nucks solved their cap problems with the Schneider trade.

Some teams have called us about certain players on our team. We have very good depth at the goaltending position and some teams are having issues there, so they’re calling to find out what we’re going to do with all of our goaltenders, which is a very nice problem to have.

As this blog reported Friday and Saturday, the search for a second line center continues.

On interest in free agent Vincent Lecavalier,
I inquired about what exactly they were looking for as far as term and the money situation, and when I go to the bottom of that, we couldn’t get in that ballgame. So, we pulled ourselves out of the discussion.

Various reports put Lecavalier in the $4.5m – 5m with a term of 3-5 years. 

On the Saku Koivu negotiations,
We’re still talking. There are some elements in his contract we’re debating over. I expect to get that done within the next week or so. We’ve talked enough so that I’m not worried about it.

Sounds like the 3rd line keeps its center. Koivu will likely remain the go to key faceoff guy.

On Teemu Selanne’s decision,
Nothing to report. I wish I had something to say, but I don’t.

Hopefully, our Ducks will hear something definitive before July 5th, when UFA’s become available.


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