Bottom Line, Bettman is brilliant

Posted: 07/03/2013 by bc in Uncategorized
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The Phoenix Coyotes are dead. Long live the Arizona Coyotes.

The story isn’t that the Glendale City Council voted 4-3 to approve a lease agreement with the Coyotes new owners, Renaissance Sports and Entertainment (RSE.)  That’s just the denouement as they say in literature.

The real story is that NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman found a buyer  for a  business that has never shown a profit and that he got the City of Glendale to underwrite the losses for 15 years. And oh BTW, RSE is only committed to  keeping the team in Glendale for five years. If you happen to hear of some Glendale City Council members misplacing their jock straps, my bet is Gary glommed those too.

While Bettman exudes all the charm of an annoying clerk in the front room, he’s a master manipulator and deal maker in the backrooms. You know the back room. It’s the place where the real work gets done and the real money is made.

Many, including this blogger, have criticized, even mocked Bettman over the years. Fact is though, while NHL revenue growth is counted in the hundreds of millions per year, average team player payroll costs have increased by about $4m per year under the current and previous CBA agreements.

Given the outcome of the CBA negotiation, one might assume Bettman was relieved to finally have a pro on the other side of the table. Don Fehr and the players took the credit for convincing Bettman & Company to increase revenue sharing. A plan that guaranteed the survival of the NHL’s Sunbelt Strategy. At least for another five years anyway.

That Bettman is one sharp putz, no?

  1. J-Dub says:

    And to think I once wrote a piece about the NHL lockout in which I accused Bettman and the rest of the NHL power structure of having absolutely no business sense when they could have sold the entire league for about a billion more than it was worth…

    • bc says:

      Welcome to the board J-Dub. Keep the Dubisms coming.
      J-Dub is the creator of Dubisms or What sport looks like after one too many concussions.

      That was the Mitt Romney led Bain Capital offer, right? The NHL BOG (Board of Governors) has taken the long view under Bettman’s leadership. Or maybe it’s Bettman just doing what he’s told. Either way it appears to have worked rather well.

      • J-Dub says:

        That was the deal. While the NHL seems to be doing well for now, I just can’t help but think these guys are going to screw it up eventually. After all, there is not a never-ending supply of Glendales out there.

      • bc says:

        “Hockey must be a helluva game to have survived the a-holes running it.”

        That quote was attributed to the late Montreal Star reporter Red Fisher. I’ve never been able to confirm it though. You might consider it worthy of a Dubism.

      • J-Dub says:

        That is good…and true.

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