Penner signing signifies Getzlaf’s expanding influence

Posted: 07/17/2013 by bc in Uncategorized
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Following Penner’s signing, OCR beat writer Eric ‘Ice” Stephens tweeted that “friend and ex-teammate Ryan Getzlaf  pushed for return.”

It isn’t unusual that the captain of the team, making more than $8m per year would have a little juice inside the org. What happened next though is the stuff of intrigue.

Bob Murray took the liberty of speaking for coach Bruce Boudreau on how Penner will be used. L.A. Times reporter Lance Pugmire reported:

Ducks General Manager Bob Murray said he and Coach Bruce Boudreau “really hope” Penner can join Getzlaf and Perry and provide “stabilization” to what has been a revolving door.

“It would sure make things easier for us,” Murray said.

It could well be that Bob Murray is accurately relating the sentiments of his head Coach. Call me skeptical. If so though, it contrasts with everything Gabby has told us about how he organizes his forward lines. Like many others, Gabby relies on set twosomes and moves a third guy on and off a line. Granted most often, a coach will adapt his philosophy according to the roster.

IF, Ducks GM Bob Murray isn’t accurately reflecting the sentiments of his coach, which I suspect is the case, it can only indicate one thing. The Captain is using the GM to send a cryptic message to the Coach. Getzlaf isn’t just “pushing for Penner.” Getz is trying to influence where Penner will fit on the team.

We’re not talking any coach here. While many a coach has a tough guy rep, Bruce Boudreau has the gravitas to bench a two-time Hart Trophy winner. Gabby also reduced face of the franchise Teemu Selanne’s TOI down the stretch and in the playoffs.

It’s one thing to talk tough. Living it is quite another.

Ducks commitment to Ryan Getzlaf is for eight years. The commitment to Bruce Boudreau is two years. Should push come to shove, the org is invested in Getzlaf. And he (Getz) knows it.

On the other hand, Bruce Boudreau has been active in hockey longer than Ryan Getzlaf has been alive. Getz doesn’t have a move that Gabby hasn’t seen or tried himself.

With Getzlaf expanding and exercising his newly found juice, the Ducks room just got a lot more interesting.

  1. bilverado says:

    There is usually a reason that they keep the lunatics from running the asylum.

    The first question that came to mind was, “why, with all the young talent we already have, would they do this?” I guess this answers the question.

    I sincerely hope that the PPG line can rekindle the magic from the Cup year, but it really seems that we have a lot of talented guys who would fight every day to play versus spending $2 million for a guy who might show up for his friends.

    • bc says:

      I won’t put anybody to sleep with the numbers as the narrative speaks volumes. Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry each received a raise in a declining market.
      In a year when all NHL teams are paying players less, our Ducks are paying Getz and Pears more. Now that’s juice. We’re not even talkin’ a scoche more here. We’re talkin’ prit near 25% raise when the market has declined prit near 9%.

      So what if we have to trade the guy we put on their line every time The Twins hit a wall and needed a boost. We’ll just bring in one of their running buddies. Never mind that the guy has earned a career long rep for loafing. Craig McTavish said this publicly!!!

      “He’s not competitive enough or fit enough to help us, so why put him back in? He’s never been fit enough to help us,” Oilers head coach Craig MacTavish told the Sun. “We signed him to be a top-two line player and that’s kind of where it ended. The difference was we thought the contract was a starting point, and he’s viewed it as a finish line.

      “It’s been one thing after another. I can’t watch it for – certainly not another two and-a-half years.”

      Okay maybe Edmonton was just a bad situation. Kings GM Dean KLombardi echoed McTavish thus:

      “He’s at the crossroads of his career. He can choose with his athletic ability to be one of the dominant power forwards in the National Hockey League or he can be a dominant number four hitter for the El Cid Lounge in a men’s softball league.”

      Coach Daryl Suter gave up and just benched him instead of ripping into him.

      What me worry? Our GM said he had a chat and Pancake ‘splained it all.

      Bilverado, i wish a nickel every time I’ve wondered which Getzlaf we’ll see hit the ice this October. The one who shows up almost every January or the floater we’ve seen drag himself through the first 3 months of every season?

      Have you noticed Mr & Mrs. S seem to have waived the internal cap for the upcoming season? They’ve bought into the idea the hockey side has been selling them. We’re close to being a Cup contender. Getz and Pears have nothing to worry about though. If we don’t make a deeper playoff run it will be like Bobby Ryan, Emerson Etem, Kyle Palmieri, Nick Bonino and others who pay the price.

      In a couple-3 years the term Ryan-ized or Etem-ized might be part of our Ducks lexicon.

      That’s juice!

  2. bilverado says:

    I meant to say “can rekindle the magic”

  3. czhokej says:

    One thing is that most players were not too happy with constant shuffling of the line combos. Or I should speak for myself – I did not like it. It may be a good motivation tool, but it’s usefulness is limited. The Ducks were playing well, when they had enough strength and power. At the end of the season, they looked exhausted. You cannot rely on hard work only. Strategy, system and tactic are also very important, and may save you a lot of energy. If Penner plays with Getz and Corey, and if he goes to the net, we may get something going. RG will not screen the goalie, Perry used to do it, but the last year he looked too shy to go to that dangerous zone,

    • bc says:

      Were they exhausted or banged up cz? One contributes to the other when you’re playing on a torn mcl like Beauchemin.
      I remain intrigued by your theory that our Ducks physical style of play contributes to fatigue. It’s such a fine line between physically spent and rejuvenated and tired to the bone exhausted and partially restored. Especially last season with the condensed schedule. There was that one stretch in March when the guys never had a practice. There was barely time to hydrate between games.
      As you know hydration alone isn’t enough. You also have to get a good amount of sleep.

  4. czhokej says:

    bc, after reading your comment, I hope that Penner is not another wash-out guy. I used to like him. His scoring stats in Edmonton were not too bad, 23, 17. 32, 21 a season (total 93 goals in 2008-2011). For comparison Getzlaf’s goal-scoring was 24, 25, 19, 19 (total 87) during the same years, respectively.
    But Getzlaf’s stats from the last year make me also worried: 11 goals and -11 (in +- category).

    • bc says:

      At $2m and one year Penner isn’t much of a risk. At best he solidifies us at LW or 2nd line C. At worse, well…guys like Silfverberg, Palmieri, Maroon, Winnick, Beleskey pass him on the depth chart. In one sense Penner kind of sets the bar at LW. Depending on how he does, it could be a low, medium or high bar. We don’t know until he gets to camp.

      But jeez cz, what if Pancake succeeds at LW/C? As you illustrate by his stats, Penner can be a legit top six power forward. He goes to the net and will draw attention away from Perry. Penner is a big man who’s strong in his skates. He’ll also create some skating lanes for Getz. Maybe most importantly, Penner will take the pressure off the young guys to produce on the top line. I don’t care much where he plays, LW runnin’ with the Big Dogs or 2nd line C with 1st unit PP time. A successful Dustin Penner will go a long way toward settling the roster and affording BB 4 strong lines. The media love Pancake. He’ll replace Teemu and Bobby as their go to quote guy.

  5. bbdux93 says:

    For me – all of the analysis aside, a one year contract is a statement.

    • czhokej says:

      Agreed, we have to see what he has to give. But we have to be careful how to use him. I hope that the coaches have a good plan already.

      • bc says:

        Is “all of the analysis aside” another way of saying blah, blah, blah, score some freakin’ goals Pancake 😉 The thing is it doesn’t necessarily have to come from Penner if the younger guys, especially Maroon steps up.

  6. bbdux93 says:

    BC – I am still laughing – I NEVER take your analysis as blah, blah, blah. I always look forward to reading the thoughts of you and others. And, you are 100% right – score some freakin’ goals/points and all will be well.

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